3 Days Of Creativity in Cornwall: Redruth

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gadwin-shottie-001A dash across the county to Redruth School for a delightful afternoon with Year 6 pupils from a further 5 primary schools: Treleigh CP School, Pennoweth CP School, Lanner CP School, Treirgie Junior School and Stithians CP School.

Thank you to Tracey Cutts, from the English and Media faculty, here at Redruth School, for recording some of her thoughts about the session:

“A crowd of nervous faces entered the room- this was not their school; they didn’t quite know why they were here, what they were doing or who this strange man was. ‘Mr Rylands’ kicked into gear and the performance began… from Tim AND the children.

We began the lesson with introductions: “I’m Mr Rylands, this is Mr Walker”…

A rapid descent into silliness (Why does Mr Walker – the stick for those not in the know- have holes in him? “The holes are to make a huge pen/pencil case; an alien has planted a tracking device in them; little legs spring out of them so Mr Walker can run and hide…) and more…


The nervous faces disappear, the ideas start to unfold and the voices grow more confident. We still have not even changed the image!

‘Cyril’ puts his hand up, then ‘Gerald’. Tim’s speech is littered with literary devices. It’s like they’re dripping into the lesson.

Another anecdote ‘It’s like I’m walking on an apple crumble’ before introducing a, heaven forbid, technical term. But it’s not just “a simile”, oh no it’s a deep-voice, hands-out-to-the-side-and-raised-posh-eyebrows “Simile”. Then a metaphor.

But wait, the screen moves. It’s magic- he stands Mr Walker on the table, twists his hand and our view changes. There’s an audible gasp of amazement. I must confess, I was sucked in. Is that why the holes are there? How ingenious, he’s somehow rigged a mouse in his stick! (A-ha! He’s got a wireless mouse in the other hand!)

As the ideas are generated Tim corrects himself “clouds battled… no danced”, giving permission for crossings out…

And the scribbling begins… but “Wait! don’t worry about the spelling”. That doesn’t mean “don’t bother about the spellings: dog spelt g.f.z.h.r.f.h.y.y.y.y.u” It is more “Don’t WORRY about your spellings”. And, they don’t.

Standing there, … similes, metaphors, vocabulary worthy of anyone’s admiration. This group of year 6 pupils could show my year 11s a thing or two.

A new paragraph- but no help this time… just 60 seconds to come up with a truly fantastic paragraph opener. Then movement. We move off down the path. Tim starts the commentary (modelling language, openings and editing) and volunteers take over. It’s a whole new setting, and new ideas. What about a character? What questions would they ask? Not any old question, closed questions teach us very little- we need to learn about these new people.

Okay, there’s classic teaching strategies in this: hot seating, modelling, editing. But more. It’s plain and simple: fun, make believe and creativity!

And, it works.”

Many thanks, Tracey.

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  1. Kim Bishop says:

    Hello Emily and Tracey

    So pleased that the three days were such a success and so sorry I couldn’t share it all with you. The pupils look like they are really enjoying their learning – the adults do too! Thank you for all your hard work to make this such a success. Thank you too Tim and Sarah – you were the icing on the cake!

    SNS Consultant

  2. michaella says:

    we had a really good time at camborne school we would like to thank you for helping us weve are misty and we are so plesed that you came many think michaella

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