St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Ashford in Kent

| March 5, 2009 | 2 Comments 

screenshot0172Day One, of a two day visit, to St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Ashford.

I love the variety of experiences we can gain from these simple ideas…

It is not about writing, ICT, speaking and listening, social etiquette, problem solving, investigating, exploring, … it is “so much more and all of these” as someone commented today.

We went all gothic in the afternoon, with Year 6, “trapped” in a dark, mysterious age, lost and dangling on the edge of time.

Year 3/4

 YEAR 1/2

Thanks to Anna Kerr and John Philpott, headteacher here, for an excellent, fun-filled day. We look forward to working with the staff and visitors tomorrow.

Year 5/6

More pickies etc  to follow when we get the chance. We are now off to Deal, for an evening with Mark Warner, he of the Teaching Ideas site.

gadwin-shottie-008Mark has been trying out one of my favourite sites of recent times, mentioned to me again today by Mandy Barrow, : Etherpad.

Try it with some mates (Well up to 7 )… collaborative, big time.

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  1. Bev Thomas says:

    Thank you both very much. The ideas you have given us to use back in our own schools are inspiring. I can’t wait for the game to arrive so that I can learn how to use it (with help from teenage son!) – in the meantime I’ll get some practice with powerpoint and the websites you mentioned.

    Thanks again.

  2. Emma says:

    Wow! Well started planning already! Can’t wait to start working with my class. An inspiring day!

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