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Overmonnow Primary School, Monmouth – Day 2

| March 10, 2009 | 1 Comment 

gadwin-shottie-006A delightful day of lessons with the pupils and staff at Overmonnow Primary School.

What a special group of teachers and a delightful group of children.

They all picked up many of the “subliminal” ideas, around the edge of the¬†technology, including our “posh eyebrows” when encountering new vocabulary…

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I browse…

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I have often said that eyebrows are the most powerful tool to aid expression, convey meaning, or have a bit of a laugh!

When asked to choose my Top 5 Resources for Teachers Magazine I chose Expressive eyebrows, (“Eyebrows are a wonderful invention. As a bald bloke, I find that they can be the most powerful tool when working with a class. I can so easily show surprise, disappointment, delight and enjoyment. Who needs to shout when your eyebrows speak?”) alongside A wireless laptop, ‘The Hat’, A large cupboard, and “Magnificent obsessions” outside school.

An article in the Independent even began with a reference to my fascination with the furry features.

For some fun, furry eye-deas…

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