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I have often said that eyebrows are the most powerful tool to aid expression, convey meaning, or have a bit of a laugh!

When asked to choose my Top 5 Resources for Teachers Magazine I chose Expressive eyebrows, (“Eyebrows are a wonderful invention. As a bald bloke, I find that they can be the most powerful tool when working with a class. I can so easily show surprise, disappointment, delight and enjoyment. Who needs to shout when your eyebrows speak?”) alongside A wireless laptop, ‘The Hat’, A large cupboard, and “Magnificent obsessions” outside school.

An article in the Independent even began with a reference to my fascination with the furry features.

For some fun, furry eye-deas…

In lessons in various schools around the place at the moment, we often play “Spot the simile or metaphor” and, when saying these “Posh Literacy Labels”, we have a “Being Posh” lesson. Eyebrows are the cheapest accessory for becoming a REALLY posh person. (Your eyebrows are wiggling expressively as you read this. If not, try a few operatic eyebrow wiggles. It is great exercise!)

We pay a lot more attention to eyebrows than we actually realise. They are a very significant element of our appearance and are one of our most expressive facial features. But why are they there in the first place?

How Stuff Works have a few ideas, echoed in Wikipedia.

Eyebrows express a huge range of emotions from confusion, fear, anger and joy through to boredom and frustration yet very rarely appear expressively on childrens’ drawings of faces. A few eyebrows were raised when people realised that the enigmatic Mona Lisa doesn’t appear to have any whilst many spend hours reshaping and colouring theirs.

Try Roger Moore’s Eyebrows of Fun! or footie fans could play Hansen’s Eyebrows Pinball (No educational value whatsoever!)

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