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screenshot023Today we had the pleasure of  presenting to over 100 teachers, heads and ICT Coordinators from clusters of schools in Rhondda Cynon Taf at The QED Centre, Treforest. A special thank you to a very special man, Selwyn Jones, School Improvement Officer for Rhondda Cynon Taf. Some people say he ‘walks on water’, some people say he ‘sees into the future’, we just know him at ‘The Selwyn’.


Thank you to the delegates, for their laugter and smiles and for their super ideas for the definition of Ellie’s word Fligminkle: SEE BELOW

The small peg that attaches a cuckoo to the spring in a cuckoo clock traditionally made of wood, but more recently being replaced by plastic.

Secret glitter

The planet whence the iron chickens originate.

A collection of tiny sea creature.

The art of flying without wings …..

A Fligminkle is a musical instrument that transforms depending on the  mood of the performer!!

The shiny blonde clump of hair that always sticks up when I towel dry my 3 year olds head after a bath.

An animal that lives under rocks.

A winter ball fleas. Wigs and fur coats compulsory.

A Fligminkle is an undiscovered shellfish that lives on the shores of a freshwater lake in the middle of the rainforest in Equator.

An inspirational think tank of creativity.

Fligminkle is an alternative way of learning. Useful when you are experiencing a blank.

A useful memory aid.

Name for a new type of bike.

The arboreal dwelling of the vampire squirrel in the Amazon jungle.

An Icelandic winkle.

The type of person who claims to be able to help you in a significant way but proves to be a complete lightweight.

West Country term for the dried residue in much spreader. Used in the phrase, “I’m as dirty as a Fligminkle.”

A party for the small summer flies you can never catch.

When you cut your finger with a potato peeler.

It’s the space in your brain where the idea should be to answer this question.

A baby mink.

A planet occupied by the Fligs and the Minkles. The Fligs can fly and are in conflict with the Minkles, who have eaten all the trees that the Fligs live in, except one.

The land of the Minkles – a race of small purple people who love chocolate.

It’s that little bit of skin at the edge of your nail, that hurts, but you can never get it off.

An item of headwear to keep your ears warm.

It’s the green gunge that drips like candle wax from the nostrils of little Johnny when he’s reading to you.

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  1. Liz Gooch says:

    Thank you. Your suggestions, ideas and genuine enthusiasm made it a great afternoon. Having been inspired I now look forward to the fun part, using the ideas to inspire my children!
    Thanks again

  2. Nicola Griffiths says:

    Many thanks for a very enjoyable morning, I took away so many ideas and was inspired to use more ICT in all curriculum areas.

  3. Jonathan Rees says:

    HMS ar ei orau! Byddwn i wedi bod wrth fy modd yn eistedd wrth draed y meistr hwn yn yr ysgol. Cefais fy ysbrydoli a gadewais i gan deimlo’n fyw. Diolch o galon!!!

    INSET at its best. I would have loved to sit at this master’s feet during my school years. I left feeling alive and oh so inspired. Sincerest thanks!!

  4. Nathan Wilcox says:

    Thank you for an intersting afternoon. I got loads of ideas that I cant wait to try with my class.

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