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gadwin-shottie-0041A truly delightful day today at Litchard Junior School , joined by staff from the Infant School.

Again, we were being filmed, this time, for a DVD on Boys’ achievement. Children are amazing and never seem thrown by an invasion of observers and then a film crew with huge cameras and microphones like rabbits on sticks.

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We are grateful to headteacher Terry Williams for recording his thoughts. Terry is an Estyn inspector as well as head of two schools, so took delight in writing a lesson observation 🙂

A very interesting day for the school. I did not know exactly what to expect when I arrived this morning but I was pleasantly surprised by the strategies and approaches adopted by Tim Rylands. He quickly grabbed every child’s attention and took them on a very interesting and educational journey which made them think, discuss and record ideas. He managed to motivate some of the more reluctant learners to the extent that they wanted to continue writing during the lunch break. The response from learners and staff was very positive.

Interestingly, Tim used a similar approach with all children but was able to adapt and change his strategies to suit the responses and reactions of the children.  Tim Rylands showed what can be achieved when children are properly motivated and enthused. He showed that it is not the resources that are important but the use made of them. The timing of the different parts of the session was very well managed.

A great day thoroughly enjoyed by all but more importantly people left enthused and motivated to try out the approaches themselves.

Diolch yn fawr

Terry L Williams
Headteacher, Litchard Junior and Infant Schools Bridgend

Thank you Terry.

screenshot0071Steve Williams, from Springwood Primary School, Llanedeyrn, Cardiff, was keen enough to make the trip and join in some of our lessons today. He also offered to record some of his thoughts:

The children were challenged and focussed throughout the entire session and were certainly taken out of their comfort zone – but with their full cooperation.  This was achieved through their enthusiasm and their interest in the program, wanting to find out about Myst and desperately wanting to move on to the next stage of the program, they felt that they were actually part of the program and the world of Myst.
I was particularly impressed with the idea of quietly pre-arranging children to take part in the question and answer session with their peers.

The children were able to role play and hot seat characters taken from the program.  The questions asked were thoughtfully posed and creatively answered by the children.  The child-translators worked fantastically well – an excellent idea that can be used in many other areas of the curriculum.
The Myst program gives teachers confidence to take their time with their teaching. It allows them to delve deeper into their children’s creativity and further explore their thoughts and ideas.  The program and style of teaching encourages children to develop their questioning techniques and collaborative skills.

Using the program challenges the children and allows them to work collaboratively.  Through discussions held earlier in the session, the children that I worked with today did not have a particularly strong grasp of similes or metaphors. However, after a relatively short amount of time discussing similes and metaphors, the children were securely using them in the opening sentences of their creative writing.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the children grasping so many learning objectives all within a short amount of time and within just the one lesson.
I look forward to using the Myst program with my Year 6 class on my return to school.

Steve Williams.

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