St John’s Green County Primary School, Colchester

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screenshot0072This a HUGE week for us. We are travelling over a thousand miles, and, I am sure, we will, as ever, see hundreds of smiles.

We started our travels with the first of two days alongside the staff and children of  St John’s Green County Primary School, in Colchester.

Colchester is claimed to be he oldest recorded city in Britain. In fact, it served as the first Roman capital of Britain.

Thank fully, we are going by car, rather than marching on foot this week!

For lots of Roman resources…


As ever, when you are looking for resources and ideas to teach a history project based on a period of British life, you need look no further than the excellent sites designed and run by Mandy Barrow in Kent: The Woodlands Junior school site, KentEd and ProjectBritain.

Here are some key pages: KentEd Romans , Woodlands Romans, Colchester local histories, and the East Riding links

The BBC pages on Romans, are lively and interactive.

You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Gladiator is a beautifully designed site based on the book of the same name.

Information on Roman Gods, days of the week/month, Roman numbers and Roman mazes can be found on this site that also includes a fun Interactive Mosaic Designer


Thank you to Simon Billings, head teacher at St John’s Green County Primary School, and his colleagues for a geat day today. We look forward to working with your children tomorrow.

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