Developing the Developers Conference, Stirling

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A trip north of the border for the Developing the Developers Conference, in Stirling at The Stirling Management Centre. The conference was hosted by Learning and teaching Scotland. There were delegates from every authority in Scotland. They are all literacy leaders. The aims were to provide an update on thre Curriculum for Excellence Literacy and English framework and related developments; looking at literacy across the curriculum.

Thank you to Claire Gilchrist, Fiona Norris, Yasmin Ashby, Louise Ballantyne, Alexis Viswanathan and their colleagues for lively morning. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you again soon.

Back in Scotland and thoughts of its fantastic landscapes (view  some 360 QVRs here and here), history and mysteries.

The Loch Ness Monster is Scotland’s most enduring mystery, of course. However, the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis…the name of a light phenomenon often seen in the more northern regions of Scotland is the most authentic mystery because ,with good timing, you are certain to see them during the cold clear winter months and late Autumn months. The lights have been around since the Earth formed an atmosphere, the Dinosaurs saw them, early humans saw them and our descendants will also see them.

Virtual star gazing is made possible at the Neave Planetarium website, where users can explore flash-based skies in full screen, learning about the various stars and planets that can be seen from Earth. Users can move around the sky, adjusting both the time and viewing location, which can be changed to anywhere in the world. Pointing at a certain star or planet reveals its name, constellation, brightness, and its distance in light years from Earth.

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