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gadwin-shottie-052Today we spent the morning at Bracoden Primary School, and  then, for the afternoon and a twilight it was “Lead on (to)” Macduff Primary School, here near the northeast coast of glorious Aberdeenshire.

The views were so stunning, our first thoughts were “there’s no need for virtual landscapes with so much stimulus all around”. So beautiful in fact, we actually did have the pleasure of exploring, briefly, during lunchtime.

roselynnA special thank you to Roselynn Birnie, headteacher of Bracoden Primary, for inviting us, and pupils and staff from the neighbouring schools of Portsoy Primary, Fordyce Primary and Ordiquhill School, to her beautiful setting.

The morning lesson was a complete mix of age ranges from 6 year olds to 11 year olds, plus their teachers, student teachers and learning support staff, all in the hall together for a shared lesson, exploring the world of words and creativity.

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Then, a quick tour of the stunning surroundings, courtesy of Roselynn and her husband, Charlie. Thank You!

[rockyou 134993612]

We then raced across to Peter Wood’s school, Macduff Primary School, and were joined by pupils and staff from Aberchurder School, Whitehills Primary and Banff Primary School.

These virtual worlds are NOT a replacement for getting out in to the REAL world.

There are, however, many skills that flow from one to the other.

[rockyou 134993535]

The day finished with a very well attended twilight, with over 100 teachers!

[rockyou 135119106]

Thanks all, for a great time in your wonderful part of the world. One of the best of the four corners we have visited.

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  1. Amanda Conn says:

    I had an excellent time at the Twilight yesterday evening. Although I have been using Myst in the classroom, I came away with so many new ideas and new approaches. I can’t wait to try them out. The presentation was filled with information and ideas presented in such a motivating way. I am really glad I decided to come along and meet Tim.

  2. Jane McIntosh says:

    Thank you for a truly inspiring afternoon, both in the workshop for the kids and the teacher twilight. Kids from my class were hooked and are anxiously waiting to see if we ‘can get it for our class’! I was hooked and, having just had a play with my own kids on Exile, can see the huge potential for enhancing literacy. At the cliff top door my 5 year has decided that pressing the nuts on the door is a code we have to work out to get it open, and my 8 year old is busy decoding the relationship between the straggly haired stanger and Atrus’ sons – if there is one? We don’t know and can’t wait to find out… Thank you again. Jane McIntosh, Whitehills Primary(Freya’s teacher!)

  3. Carol Wilson says:

    Already using Myst in the classroom. The pupils really enjoy it and so do I! Great to hear some more ideas to try out with Myst and ICT in general. Thank you!

  4. Roselynn Birnie says:

    Thank you Tim and Sarah for a great day. The youngsters were inspired at your workshop and are really looking forward to using Myst. The teachers and staff really enjoyed the twilight session and got lots of new ideas for MYst and ICT. It was lovely to meet you both. Thank you

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