St Botolph’s Primary School, Peterborough

| March 30, 2009 | 3 Comments 

gadwin-shottie-029The first of 3 days to be spent at  St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School in Peterborough today, and we had the pleasure of arriving, and taking second place, to 9 newly hatched chicks! 

Jenny Daniels, headteacher, took charge of the youngsters over the weekend, while they were still eggs, chirping eggs, then proudly brought the new arrivals, all bright eyed and fluffy feathered, the chicks that is, to school this morning – enchanting!

The first lesson of Day One, with the 60 Year 2 pupils and their teachers, was equally enchanting, a true pleasure to spend time in their company. Appropriately, we went in search of  a bird nest, up the top of the, now famous, spiral plant.

[rockyou 135260921]

The Year 3 pupils explored the landscapes with remarkable vigour. They stretched their vocabulary and immersed themselves in the worlds of words.

[rockyou 135265289]

Year got really fired up as we explored a dark, gothic landscape. The “evil” scientist cackled and wildy entertained with us with tales of his monster-making and more.

 [rockyou 135273057]

For a few films of eggs hatching, and not just birds, try a peek at the National Geographic videos

There are some superb videos at TOTLOL videos too.

Who knows what we will hatch up tomorrow eh?

[rockyou 135274234]

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  1. Jenny says:

    Brilliant start to our 3 day journey together! Now that’s what I came into teaching for – to see young people inspired and just wanting to write. thank you!

  2. Nathan says:

    I liked the idea of children writing while in the game – immediate response. Too often I fall into the trap of: I talk; the children fall asleep; they write; I fall asleep! On a particularly bad day: I talk; I fall asleep!

  3. blog says:

    Nathan- you win the prize for one of the wittiest, or is it just open and honest, (!!) comments we have ever had. Collect your prize when you come with your class to visit!

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