St Botolph’s Primary School, Peterborough II

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gadwin-shottie-0042The second of 3 days to be spent at  St Botolph’s Church of England Primary School

We are going to have to wait right the way through to September to finish our three days with the St Bot’s Lot.

By then, the chicks we met yesterday, will be chickens and laying their own eggs… perhaps.

For some pickies and Easter links…

ALL  of the children today were true stars!

Year 4

[rockyou 135324872]

Year 1

[rockyou 135338644]

Year 6

[rockyou 135339214]

We enjoyed a good hot cross bun today. I like the efforts, reported recently, to bring back the spicy bun.

If you are looking festive resources, as ever, the best place to find out about any tradition, and to find links related to the Easter period, is Mandy Barrow’s excellent Woodland site: Try the Easter pages.

By the way, put in a search for “Easter” and the Woodlands site comes 3rd out of 72 million 4 hundred thousand “finds”. Not bad for a small school in Kent eh?!  Well done Mandy and gang! How does she do it? Sheer time, effort and hard graft.

Thank you too, to all of the staff and children of St Botolph’s, for your hard work and excellent efforts. Egg-cellent!

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