Whitegrove Primary School, Bracknell Forest

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screenshot025Down from the mountains and in to the forest… Whitegrove Primary School in Bracknell Forest. We were joined by colleagues from Sandy Lane Primary.

And what fun we had!

Everyone was out of their holiday mode, in fired-up form and full of creative ideas.

Enjoyed a good chat around the subject of Web 2 tools in education with some colleagues today who are using Fronter as their learning platform.

For some links on Web2.0 tools…

[rockyou 136386326]

Thank you to Christine Tsakmakis and her colleagues for a great, fun and challenging day.


Web2 tools, like blogging, have proved to be be powerful teaching and learning tools, but, as  I wrote in a post a while back called Web2.Much, they need to form part of our wider, and structured creative teaching tactics and we have to be careful, sometimes, that we don’t flit from one new idea to another.

I valued the following comment from Phil Bradley:

“Concentrating on Web 2 tools is like going to the cutlery drawer, pulling various items out of it and based on that deciding what you’re going to have for supper.

The tools are hardly important at all. Look at the activity, then see how it can be done better, and then look for the tool. Or look at a tool and see how it can make what you do easier.

The Go2Web site is great, but could I also briefly plug my ‘I want to’ listing over 1,000+ tools based on activities, which you might find to be of interest. It’s at http://www.philb.com/iwantto.htm

Plugged away Phil. Plugged away. 🙂

In my presentations, I show some films of past pupils reading their masterpieces to camera. They are excellent and always get an incredibly positive response.

One of the things people ask about is whether we use blue screen to give the impression that the children are actually sat IN a Myst landscape.

No. We use the blueTACK method! We enlarge a picture, stick it to the wall and they sit in front of it!!

I use an old copy of PrintArtist (version 4!) to print on many sheets of paper.

A nifty on-line resource is BlockPosters

Select a picture from your computer that you would like to use as your poster.

Choose how many pages wide you would like your poster to be? Your poster can be up to approximately 7 feet wide and 4.7 feet high!

Your poster has been created – then just one more click to download a PDF file containing your images.

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  1. Christine Davey says:

    Thank you for an inspirational day. We had so much fun, my head is still buzzing with all the ideas that are ready to be delivered in the classroom. We had sown the seeds of your approach to writing, today was the warm sunshine and gentle rain to ensure the flowers will blossom. Many thanks. The translator!

  2. Edward Galbraith says:

    Thank you for a very interesting and inspiring day. I cannot wait to try and get the kids writing!!!!
    Looking forward to tomorrow!!!

  3. Margaret Baxter & Stan says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah, Stan and I regularly log into the Blog we I can see what you two are up to! I noticed that you mentioned Fronter and put a link to their site. If you follow the links to their conference next week you will see your old mucker presenting there. Keep up the good work and speak soon.

  4. blog says:

    Hi Margaret and Stan
    As you know, you both travel with us daily (and John, as he voices Stan in such dulcit tones).
    Well done on the Fronter conference.
    We’ll give you a plug
    Will 15 amp do?
    Tim and Sarah

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