Whitegrove Primary School, Day 2

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gadwin-shottie-0051Our second day at Whitegrove Primary School in Bracknell Forest.

Thank you to headteacher, Christine Tsakmakis, for hosting a VERY enjoyable day.

The children were delightful and very responsive, coming up with excellent, creative ideas. We spent the day working with children from across the age range of the school. Some were RADA quality in their dramatic involvement. Lost souls on the edge of time, intriguing pirates with unsavoury eating habits, hardworking horticulturalists… you name it, we had it.

We like to set challenges to children. The children really tackled them head on.

Talking of challenges…

Year 2 [rockyou 136582310]


If you are up for one, or you want a buzz with a whole group tackling something at a pace together, try the really challenging word game, perhaps with a class of students, at DeepLeap.

Year 4 [rockyou 136582887]

Like a non-stop, and fast, game of Countdown

Spell words from the tiles to gain points. 75 tiles drop every game, reload or click to play a new game.

Your points increase by spelling consecutive words correctly. Your point multiplier resets if you drop a piece or spell an incorrect word.

You get more points for spelling longer words. You get a bonus for having no tiles left at the end. (Yeah right!)

Have a go.

Year 5 [rockyou 136583152]

“Why the beret Tim?”

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