Moving Image Media Literacy Conference, Bracknell

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screenshot0142We were honoured to be invited to the Easthampstead Park Conference Centre for  a training day which acted as a finale to The Bracknell Forest Moving Image Media Literacy Project 07-09.

Bracknell Forest have been running the project to inspire creative use of Media/ Film  and ICT with a view to raising standards in writing in the region.

Having completed an impact report for the first 18mths – results are very encouraging.

The final year of the project is focussed on Schools moving from ‘Reading Film’ into making films. The aim is continue to promote creative media use and multi-modal Literacy.

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Today, the key aims were:

To explore how Multimodal Literacy forms (including virtual worlds) can be used to engage and inspire pupils.

To review practical approaches to making and using the moving image and consider how it can be used to raise standards.

We explored practical approaches to visual literacy and multimodal text production and, most importantly, how to apply it all back in school.

Thank you to Wendy Jenkins, and her colleagues for an excellent day.

Try visiting a few of these great film related site: FilmEducation, Pixar, Film Street, arkive and my friend Oscar Stringer’s Animation For Education.

Oscar is the best guy to get in if schools want to develop their film making skills. Try his new website HERE

Photostory is, of course, a simple and “cool” way of creating movies from still images. Try creating a film of the school trip, mixing sounds, text and photos effectively. And it’s FREE.

Computer Clubs For Girls (Primary and Secondary) has free resources and fun modules encouraging film making. Registration is free. You also receive a wealth of free software and “cool” (again, these are the words of the children who use these things!) rucksacks!

Are you a fan of old time silent films? When actors were actors, and bartenders were… um, bartenders? Or are you a fan of the new special effects and eye candy delivered by George Lucas era cinematography?

Mr Lucas has had an incredible impact on the film industry for the last 30 years.


Maybe he was going before that if we can judge by the evidence in this “silent movie” version of Star Wars!

Are you like me however, and “never seen Star Wars”?

Being a Bristol boy, and living not far from the home of Aardman Animations, I love stop frame animation. Have a look at this excellent animated film from the PES site about cooking, cleverly titled “Western Spaghetti

A very creative stop motion video using some interesting household items. Must have taken forever!

Everyday objects stand in for the food, such as rubber bands for spaghetti, post-it notes for butter, bubble wrap for boiling water.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of slow motion photography, the photographic technique that enables us to visualize and analyze motion, especially motions that are too fast for the human eye or conventional cameras to perceive.

There are films HERE of so many fascinating images: the moment of snuffing out a candle, striking a match, a cliff diver plummeting in to the waters below, a tumbling gymnast, a helicopter in flight, a dog drying itself off, a ladybird about to “fly away home”,  a horse with all four legs off the ground …and so much more.

Analyzing and picking apart visual image has a big impact on the films that children make.

Camera angles, and so much more. Have a look at the film to the left for some creative images.

Film fun for all!

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  1. Anita says:

    The day is going great guns – delegates couldn’t wait to get back from ‘play’ and …play!
    Teachers’ hats off!

  2. blog says:

    …and what a great Myst like setting it is to run a course like this eh?
    A sunny place and sunnier people.
    Onwards. Onwards

  3. Ruth says:

    Feeling very inspired after Part One and am curious to see what will be happening in Part Two! Thanks…

  4. Helen says:

    Having a lovely day out! Even though I can’t get it working on my mac!

  5. lara-jane fuller says:

    I am really enjoying the course. Loads of information. Can’t wait to get back and make Myst IV work! We are loving Myst III and all these extra links and ideas are going to help us enjoy it more, and learn more.

  6. Tracey says:

    I want to spend at least a week on this! Really enjoyed the day ; now thinking of how to use the ideas is a real challenge. Use it or lose it!

  7. Ben says:

    A fantastic day, really worthwhile and uplifting (sorry, being distracted by a video of Cowboys – really, get Tim along to your school and you’ll understand).
    I look forward to using the methods shown in the class… and brilliant IT tips / ideas.

  8. blog says:

    The games DO work on a lot of Macs… but… you may have to find a “patch” that gets it to do so.
    Let me know if you are still struggling and we MIGHT be able to help you out

    All the best

  9. Anna Clark says:

    Fantastic inspiring day- a wake up call is just what I needed to lift me away from SATS and think of really exciting things to inspire our children. Thanks a lot- come to our school and inspire us more!!!!

  10. Caroline says:

    Thanks for an inspiring day. Can’t wait to get back to class, try it out and have some fun with the children.

  11. Anne says:

    A day away from the chalkface is always refreshing but didn’t expect ANYTHING like this! Been on the net since arriving home, admittedly exploring cowboys, cats, Meatloaf and such. Three of us came from my school so looking forward to going back and hitting ’em with it! Super day which flew by. Thank you SO much… uplifting IS the word.

  12. Michelle says:

    What a great day-ideas buzzing round my head- can’t wait to share it all with colleagues!
    Thank you!

  13. Wendy Jenkins says:

    Bracknell Forest ran ‘Moving On with the Moving Image’ to further develop our ‘Moving Image Media Literacy Project’.
    Many Bracknell ‘MIML’ teachers are already skilled at using Film in classrooms. However, Sarah Nield and Tim Rylands presented a day that was tailored to bring together key aspects of ‘Talk for Writing’ and the approach of Pie Corbett through ‘virtual reality’ and Multi-Modal literacy. We saw how ‘Verbal jazz’ – free flow unrehearsed description is closely allied with the push for oral story telling. We also learning how to create resources enabling us to ‘box up’, in Pie Corbett’s terminology, multi-modal texts.
    Lots of practical, ‘doable’ and cross phase ways to inspire writing through ICT were shared on the day: this is definitely not just about Myst!

    Wendy J

    Bracknell Forest Primary Advisory Teacher

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