St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury

| April 27, 2009 | 5 Comments 

screenshot054The first of two days with the staff and children of  St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury, in Wiltshire.

We were joined by staff from Wyndham Park Infant School, St Andrew’s Primary School, Greentrees Primary School, Harnham Infants, Harnham C of E Junior, Hindon C of E Aided Primary, St Martin’s C of E Primary, Nomansland & Hamptworth C of E Primary, Pitton C of E Primary and Whiteparish All Saints C of E Primary.

Special thanks to Ruth Toms, Head of Lower School, for hosting and suberbly coordinating the event.

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screenshot064Nomansland have their own birdbox that shows that their bluetits are about to hatch. They jokingly said that, as they have a black and white camera, their bluetits are more light grey and dark grey tits. 🙂

But, the chance of watching some live hatchings means you should “Watch THIS space”…:Nomansland School Bird Box


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  1. Sue Bale says:

    Yes. Terrific day. If I am exhausted, I can’t imagine how Tim and Sarah feel. I found myself zooming in on the landscape as I was walking home, and specifically on mayflower blossoms (shouldn’t be out yet). Gave me some food for thought about science lessons, and I am into a happy train of thought now.

  2. Fina Reidy says:

    Today was so uplifting. I just can’t wait until tomorrow and see the children’s faces as they watch and listen in awe as we have done today. Thank you

  3. Sharon Ibbotson says:

    A stimulating day with lots of laughs and plenty of food for thought. I can’t wait to try out some new ideas! Thanks.

  4. Caroline Whittaker says:

    Fab day – my son and I have managed to solve the first part of the puzzle. He’s hooked and so am I. I’ll have a Myst Morning soon – probably through SATs week – YAWN. Thanks for putting up my birdbox – keep an eye on her and hopefully her chicks!

  5. Lesley-Anne Drake says:

    A fantastic day, very inspiring! My EYFS class have gained so much already and they really love using Myst. They have come up with some really creative thoughts and are really enjoying writing some of their thoughts and ideas!

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