St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury II

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screenshot055A second day at  St Mark’s C.E. Junior School, Salisbury, in Wiltshire, this time, with the children.

Thank you to Matthew Steale from Nomansland and Harptworth Primary School for his reflections about the two days.

The introduction to the virtual world of ‘Myst’ on the first day was fantastic. It was also great to pick up so many useful tips on how to make the use of ICT more exciting for the children.
Seeing all of the theory from day one put into practice with the children on the second day was brilliant. The enthusiasm of the children for the lessons was a joy to behold, and the quality of the writing they produced was remarkable. I have rarely seen a class of children so reluctant to put down their pencils and go out to play!
Thank you for some great ideas, which I’m sure will go down a storm back in my own classroom.

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