Roskear Primary School, Camborne, Cornwall

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gadwin-shot006It is always fun for us when we get to revisit a school. It is even better when we go back after an extended period and get the chance to “play again”.

It was like that today as we headed back to Roskear Primary School, Camborne, Cornwall, a school we last visited in April 2008. The staff have all been keenly applying, and are still using, many of the techniques and tips we covered a year go.

Thank you to all of the staff and children at Roskear for a noteworthy day.

Talking of notes… (groan-worthy bad link Tim!) 🙂


There are quite a few note taking tools.

It is always great when you discover a FANTASTIC tool for students who are researching material at any level.

Most information entered into your computer notepad is copied and pasted from somewhere. With QuotePad, you can do it with maximum efficiency: just select some text in any application, press Ctrl+Shift+Q and the selected text will be saved to QuotePad together with the URL of the webpage it was copied from.

And, if you need to enter something else, you can, and they are all stored in chronological order, with the URL attached.

This could be particularly useful for students preparing a university dissertation who wish to select text from a variety of sources, at speed, and have a record of where that text was found, to be used in the references section.

You can download and use it free of charge HERE.

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  1. Emma Dumbrell says:

    It was great to see Tim in action with the children yesterday, especially having benefitted from his visit last year when he inspired all the staff to give MYST a go. Our Year 4s were all suitably impressed with the techniques employed by Tim in order to get them to write, but for me, it was the confidence the children showed in sharing their work that really made me tingle. Tim’s idea of simply waiting for a child to begin reading their writing out loud to their peers was so effective and I can’t wait to use it in the classroom. The unexpected happened; children who don’t ordinarily have any desire to share their work (they would much prefer me to read it)stood up and spoke out. Amazing, I was so proud of them. Another inspirational day Tim, thank you!

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