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Mountain Ash Musings from the Man Morgan

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mountain-ash-y7-007Hi, whoever is wishing to read this! As you might guess, if you DO read this, I’ve never blogged before.

As a cluster we decided to invite Tim to demonstrate his approach and inspire our staff and pupils in literacy.

We received much more than that!

His approach, in one way, is quite unique but the variety of aspects within the approach can easily be developed and used by ALL staff.

Little things, such as the use of the ‘empty coffee cup’, the ‘acting out’ of the children’s thoughts, variation of voice, the way the pupils were encouraged, etc were all ‘props’ that were used to extract the thoughts of the pupils.

The use of the game is a fantastic way of focusing and stimulating the pupils, discovering the ideas and thoughts that are already within them. But, it is NOT what Tim is about.

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Mountain Ash Comprehensive School

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mountain-ash-y7-008A fast paced session at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School with the great setting of a HUGE screen and excellent lighting to create a really immersive atmosphere.

Thank you to Alyson Mckay and Charlotte Sage, for recording their thoughts on observing today’s sessions:

We found the workshops very valuable as they gave us a good insight into how we can inspire children to write creatively using an interactive stimulus.

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Perthcelyn Community Primary School

| May 14, 2009 | 4 Comments 

perthcelyn-y1-2A great morning at Perthcelyn Community Primary School. Wow! What a building. And, what delightful children and energetic staff. Great fun!

The school building, and the way that all the residents have taken care and delight in it, really caught the eye. Colour, imaginative displays, creative use of space, lighting, and innovative design.

Well done, to head teacher Angela Austin M.B.E. and her colleagues for maintaining a very homely, warm and welcoming environment.

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