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mountain-ash-y7-008A fast paced session at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School with the great setting of a HUGE screen and excellent lighting to create a really immersive atmosphere.

Thank you to Alyson Mckay and Charlotte Sage, for recording their thoughts on observing today’s sessions:

We found the workshops very valuable as they gave us a good insight into how we can inspire children to write creatively using an interactive stimulus.

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We found that, in attending the two sessions at Perthcelyn and Mountain Ash Comprehensive, it was interesting to see how each visual resource was geared towards different age groups who may have had different interests.

Any repetition we did observe in the two workshops was helpful as it gave us a clear idea of the strategies and approaches used to motivate the children to write creatively. It also gave us as teachers more confidence in structuring a similar lesson.

We found the interactive resources were very motivational and would be ideal for children who find it difficult to write imaginatively. They appealed to the senses which is often something children forget to develop when writing and allowed them to concentrate on the setting in more detail rather than writing solely about actions.

It was interesting to see how these stimuli could be altered to allow the children to explore the setting.

The hot-seating activity was cleverly built in to sustain motivation and capture interest.

These workshops have proved that the resources can be used with all age ranges and ability levels. We would definitely consider using these resources not only in language lessons but across the curriculum. It supports the speaking and listening elements of the curriculum as well as aiding pupil’s writing skills and we believe that using these stimuli from an early age will allow children to develop these valuable skills.

Alyson Mckay and Charlotte Sage, Carnetown Primary.

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