Perthcelyn Community Primary School

| May 14, 2009 | 4 Comments 

perthcelyn-y1-2A great morning at Perthcelyn Community Primary School. Wow! What a building. And, what delightful children and energetic staff. Great fun!

The school building, and the way that all the residents have taken care and delight in it, really caught the eye. Colour, imaginative displays, creative use of space, lighting, and innovative design.

Well done, to head teacher Angela Austin M.B.E. and her colleagues for maintaining a very homely, warm and welcoming environment.

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We were joined by LOTS of staff from schools within the Mountain Ash cluster. Even though there were so many staff were joining in, the children were not thrown in the least. Oh no. They flew, and with excellent, imaginative ideas.

Years 1 / 2

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Years 5 / 6

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  1. Samantha Carter says:

    It is Sunday afternoon and I have just sat down to plan my lesson for an observation this week. My head is still buzzing with so many ideas from Tim. The two day experience at Perthcelyn School was a very uplifting, inspiring experience during a time when many teachers can so easily be disheartened by the increasing stresses that come with our job. Tim brought us back to reality and reminded us of what teaching was all about. As a young teacher, it is often hard to stand up and do things differently for fear of failing but Tim gave me many ideas and the confidence to realise that it can be done and it is successful. It was lovely to see someone who stood by their word and was not afraid to show what they said could be reality, by working with the children and demonstrating a unique, fun approach to learning. I suggest that ‘important’ people in charge of education these days listen to advice from the likes of Tim Rylands, someone who has an understanding of children and also an understanding of the needs and opinions of teachers alike. All too often are decisions made by people in high places who have no idea of what is happening in the classroom setting. Thank you for a great two days Tim….. My children won’t know what has hit them this week!!!!!:)

  2. Theresa Sullivan says:

    Thank you for the two exciting days and for sharing your innovative teaching methods with us.

  3. Sonia Parsons says:

    Whaw! What a day! Thank you for teaching me how to deliver effective and creative writing lessons for the pupils in my complex learning class.

  4. Aled Young says:

    Thanks for a great day, you have given me a range of great ideas to inspire my childrens creative writing.

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