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picture-4A different day for us. A great event organised by MGL looking at different ways to use ICT to inspire and motivate. It was hosted at the delightful Fazakerley Primary School.

Thank you to John Mann, of MGL, his colleagues, the visiting staff and to the staff and children of Fazackerley, including headteacher Jenny Carter, for a great few sessions of creativity.

We were focussed on “21st Century Literacies” today. John Connell and Doug Belshaw have some enlightened thoughts on this area. Read John’s thoughts HERE and HERE, and Doug’s HERE.

There’s tons of stuff below here so make sure you

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Year 6

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Exploring New Literacies is a brand new website for teachers who would like to link with teachers around the world. It provides an easily accessible interactive space to share, discuss and evaluate changes to the multitude of literacies that teachers and students engage with and how they might be integrated into effective classroom practice. It also offers a portal to projects, professional development and resources to stimulate discussion and promote effective practice. It is free to join. (Thanks Mandy B)

Simon Bradshaw and Colin Richardson shared their great ideas about gaming and music, and the impact they can have on other curriculum areas. Simon did an excellent presntation on music and literacy. I loved the idea of doing a “reverse podcast”. Instead of recording a story and then choosing music to support the mood and feeling, it was more the other way around: creating a tale that matched the style and atmosphere in the different sections of a piece of music. Simon used the example of The 1812 Overture.

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  1. Rowland says:

    musicovery’s excellent, but there are others, how about blip.fm, eg
    100 tracks, five hours,
    make your own station

  2. Matthew Nice says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day Tim. We certainly got a lot out of it. It was great for you to share your views and experience of using games to inspire!

    We will keep you posted on Simon’s reverse podcast efforts!

    Matthew Nice – MGL

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