Oakdale Junior School, London Borough of Redbridge II

| May 22, 2009 | 7 Comments 

oakdale-training-001A second day with the gorgeous staff of Oakdale Junior School, who, like their children yesterday, were up for a laugh, but also for a challenge or two.

Despite Sarah’s joke about using Gadwin to crop out the frowns, there were only smiles today.

For wanderings beyond Wordle, and more…

[rockyou 137990694]

screenshot005Many of us have been playing around with and exploring the huge potential of Wordle.

Children we have worked with, have found it valuable to try many ways of visualizing their creativity and it has sparked some great discussions around the world of words.

<—–Some encouraging results when we asked it to visualize the blog.

Have a look at Tom Barrett’s “Thirty-two Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the Classroom“.

Today, we were joined by an intrepid traveller: Steve Bunce, all the way from NEWCASTLE!!! sTEVE WRITES:

Wearily, he awoke, alarm sounding like a nagging wife.  It was early, too early, as the creature rose from his bed.  Soon he slipped into the station.  The iron beast waited, groaning, anticipating, watching as he moved into coach E.  A hero’s journey ensued – pain, separation, Newark, then King’s Cross. 

I’ve had a tremendous day – using Myst, thinking about how we use ICT in schools, top tips and gadgets.  I could recommend a day more.  Tim and Sarah have inspired the teachers here today and they will remember and most importantly apply what they have experienced.   Many thanks and I hope to see more in the future.  The traveller slunk off into the underground…  [Exit, stage left]

Thank you to @DawnHallybone (her Twitter name) and her colleagues for a great couple of days. Enjoy your holidays folks.

We are off, like millions of others, down south, and going sailing for a few days. 🙂

Thanks for a really inspiring day. It felt, by the end of it, that many things were doable (even without the help of the musical Mr Walker!) I particularly enjoyed the way that you built up the tension with the Y7s until they we’re desperate to read out their stories. Also, the way that the two students you called up as characters from the game responded to the challenge – that was a really impressive piece of speaking and listening. I’m looking forward to getting into school and trying out some of the ideas and web tools with students. And to start with, I’ll be using the interactive power points – very neat! Thanks again. Penny Russell

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  1. Michelle T says:

    To Tim and Sarah, Thank you so much for today. I feel very lucky to have met you as an NQT. You have given me such a great start to my career, filling my head with such inspiring ways to bring out the best in children. This is the start of great lessons to come – will keep you posted on how it goes.

    Wishing you all the best in the wonderful inspiring work you do.

    Michelle T

  2. David says:

    A great day. It’s always wonderful to have the opportunity to listen to people who really enjoy their work and demonstrate, through passion and enthusiasm, their ability to inspire and engage young people. It’s what should always be at the very heart of teaching.

    Thank you.


  3. Dawn Hallybone says:

    Surely it is not possible to have this much fun on the last day of term??? Oh yes it is – when you ahve Tim and Sarah in your midst!(Myst) However, this mystman is so much more than a game!
    Today myself and the staff at school and from other schools in the borough were treated to a day of using ICT to inspire in the classsroom, and as we have all wandered off to enjoy our half terms, we have been given ideas to both engage and inspire the children and ourselves in our learning.
    Thank you both

  4. Steve Bunce says:

    I wrote above ‘I could recommend a day more.’ What I meant to type was ‘I could NOT recommend a day more’ meaning it was excellent. However, a day more would be good too!

    Many thanks for everything. Regards, Steve ‘Traveller’ Bunce @stevebunce

  5. Leanne Bedford says:

    I can’t say anything different than the other four who have commented. This was the most awe-inspring inset I have had to date; thank you so much Tim and Sarah for opening not only my eyes but other teachers eyes in the use of ICT in the classroom. Just when you think you know a lot, people like you come along and change my perception again.

    Thanks again and I honestly hope to see you both another time,


  6. Louise Theodorou says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah,

    The year 4 team have been totally inspired!We’ve been using your fantastic ideas in class and the children have produced amazing pieces of writing, all (even the reluctant ones) want to write! One child said today ‘when we use Myst the words just pop into my head’

    Thank you!


  7. blog says:

    Glad to hear it Louise. It would be lovely to see some of the work if possible and we can blog it so your lot get a worldwide audience for their excellent efforts. Speak soon. Tim

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