Whitfield and Aspen School, Dover, Kent

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whitfield-aspen-006Whitfield and Aspen School serves the village of Whitfield, just north of Dover in Kent. Pupils aged 4-11 are admitted, most of whom live locally.

The school roll is currently 356 in the main school (primary) and 46 in Aspen. They are an inclusive school which means that there is a general policy for the inclusion of PMLD and SLD children within the curriculum, during break times and lunchtimes but assessed against the needs of the individual child. They believe this to be unique not only in Kent but also in the country as a whole.

The inclusion ethos works right throughout the school and is very much a two way process with children from the main school, on appropriate occasions, being involved in activities in Aspen. They have a magnificent therapy pool and children from both KS1 and KS2 accompany classmates from Aspen.

It is because of this policy that classes in the primary department are kept as low as possible and are generally around the 26-27 mark.

The school believes that one of its key successes is the availability of resources and staff expertise which they are able to bring to both the mainstream primary and AEN areas of the curriculum. Provision is made across the whole of the primary ability spectrum in order to explore the limits of every child’s potential including the gifted and talented.

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