Captain Webb Primary School, Telford (II)

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screenshot070The confidence and competence the pupils of Captain Webb Primary displayed was impressive. While walking through the school at lunchtime a group was keen to explain their interests and demonstrate projects they were involved in, both at school and at home.

A real treat is the Radio Station. Sarah was interviewed by a very professional Year 4 pupil (Station Manager, no less) and an equally professional Year 6 pupil (Trained Presenter). Sound checks, recording, questioning and broadcasting carried out with no fuss or adult support required – a most enjoyable experience. The station is used everyday, run and managed by a team of pupils.

screenshot071One of its roles is to record Praisecasts, which are then broadcasted on the playground at home time for all to celebrate. The children, receiving merits, visit the radio station at some point during the day, where they are interviewed, explaining their piece of work or praiseworthy action. Delightful.
screenshot072The studio was purpose-built and uses the same equipment as many community and Hospital Radio stations.

Chris Enright, currently seconded to the school from the authority’s Hands on Support Team, is a dynamic focus within the school, initiating and supporting the wide and varied projects, with an emphasis on extending learning opportunities beyond the school day.

screenshot068A Year 2 pupil explained Mathletics. An online resource that not only includes the teaching Maths element, or even the Maths Games that it includes… BUT… The Live Mathletics which is genuinely motivating. Children compete live with other children around the world who are online.

screenshot069A Year 6 pupil demonstrated the Small Business Game (Primary version). A motivating, stimulating and enjoyable business simulation that encourages thinking skills and includes English and Maths quizzes.

  screenshot073Other projects explained included A fantastic site that very simply cuts through the red-tape of British Council efforts, and puts schools and pupils around the world in touch.  Year 3 have been working on projects with schools around the world. These are set up informally and then grow and develop quite independently. One project involved a video conference with children in Serbia. Chris explained that the children were brilliant and that they had been amazed at just how similar they are!

The pupils also enthused about SuperClubsPLUS and 2Simple’s 2DIY…, and then we ran out of time!



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  1. Thank you for the kind things you have said about our Small Business Game. We have over 35,000 students playing the Game in Scotland and the word is spreading in England too. The version you saw was the Primary version, but I thought you might like to know there is a slightly more challenging Secondary version as well.

  2. Tazmin Mason says:

    It was fantastic interviewing you Sarah I enjoyed so so much and I have more interviews from other people to come. That was the best one I have done so far.

  3. Keegan Mcgrath says:

    Sarah, interviewing you was fantastic and I cannot believe that I am on a website ;D Thank you for the opportunity to interview you, and mr Rylands, I loved your presentation ;D

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