Basic Skills Cymru Regional Workshops 3 – Wrexham

| June 12, 2009 | 6 Comments 

wrexham-09-001The last of this week’s day-long workshops as part our “tour” of Wales in the Improving Boys’ Literacy in Wales conference and workshop series. This time in Wrexham, or Wrecsam.

We were joined by colleagues from Wrexham, Flintshire, Denbighshire, Anglesey and Gwynedd.

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wrexham-09-001aA big thank you to Gaynor Burrows for helping us in the coordination of today’s event.

< ———–Another big thank you to Siwan Meirion, the Basic Skills Coordinator for Wrexham, for her active support thoughout the day.

And her laughter>

ceredigion-09-0081On another note, we showed the multi-modal interactive PowerPoint of The Diary of Anne Frank.

Today would have been Anne Frank,  the Holocaust diarist’s, 80th birthday. The Anne site includes links to some of the “celebrations” going on around the world.

It also includes the lovely quote below:

Just imagine how forgetful I’ll be when I’m eighty!

(Anne Frank, May 11, 1944)

The Anne Frank Trust U.K. has released a photo showing how would have looked had she lived to see her 80th birthday.

The picture uses age progression technology to depicts the iconic diarist as she may have looked had she not perished from typhus and starvation at the age of 15 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

ceredigion-09-0091It has been fascinating to have a Welsh English translator working alongside us durin the week. Today, Catrin Gilkes, also proved to be an amazing typist, translating our mysterious inventor characters into Welsh, LIVE, in the on screen journal in Myst IV!

We discussed how language can have an impact on the way we think. It reminded me of this article “Is it true that the language I speak shapes my thoughts?” from The Linguistic Society of America site.

On a lighter note, somebody today recommended Ping-a-Pal for a bit of a laugh.

ping-a-palPing-a-Pal is a free greeting card site that allows you to select from existing animations and design a custom greeting card on the fly! You can then send your card to anyone with an email address. It’s loads of fun, so go try it!

You don’t need to SEND a Ping-a-Pal animation. It might be a fun way to make a quick message to a class on a whiteboard.

ping-a-pal-2Drag and drop animations and text boxes from the left side of the window onto the main stage.
Click the PREVIEW button to see your animations in action — otherwise you won’t know what they really look like!
Use the left and right PAGE buttons to browse through all the animations in a category.
Click the ADD SCENE button to create additional scenes to extend your story with more animations and text.

The gallery is a collection of ping-things sent by users. View them to get ideas, or edit one to make your own version to send to others. To submit a ping-thing to the gallery, make sure you select that option in the SEND window. The gallery includes the message “If we approve your ping-thing for the gallery, it will be shown to the public, so don’t submit ping-things that are personal in nature” as a reassurance that they monitor submissions (to a certain extent at least).

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  1. Clare Coombes says:

    A fantastic day with lots of great ideas. Thank you

  2. Sally Morgan says:

    A really enjoyable day. A course that was lead very enthusiastically and over all a fun day with lots of ideas to try!Thanks!

  3. Amanda says:

    As promised, a note to remind all secondary English teachers that the idea using MYST would be ideal to use for the controlled assessment task. Can you imagine getting all your 200 year 10 students in the hall together, and walking through the virtual reality with them getting them to write descriptively while you do it? Much easier to get them to keep writing for the whole time!

  4. sandra jones says:

    A self confessed ICT phobic is finally inspired! Many thanks Tim and Sarah

  5. Sue Edwards says:

    Action packed – lots of great ideas to take back to school.
    Many thanks,
    Sue Edwards.

  6. Amanda Jones says:

    At last a truly inspirational course with lots of super ideas to develop literacy skills with children using IT. Thank you to Tim and Sarah. My husband also says thank you, as I was ‘playing’ on Myst into the early hours which allowed him to be incharge of the Tv remote all night!!
    Anyone reading this I would definitely recommend attending one of Tim’s courses, – you will certainly leave buzzing, with lots of ideas to utilise back in your own classroom.

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