Pembrokeshire – Motivating & Inspiring Reluctant Writers Day 3

| June 17, 2009 | 3 Comments 

pem-dock-y3y4-0031Today, we were lucky enough to spend time with the staff and pupils of Prendergast Community School here in sunny Pembrokeshire.

Now we are heading off on the next leg of this manic weel – all the way up to Telford for their conference, and then onwards to Brighton for their conference on Friday! Miles and miles yet also piles of smiles.

Y2 Lesson

Y3 Lesson

Y5 Lesson

For people like us who travel doing presentations and training days, (as well as lessons etc) there is always the fear of losing presentation materials en-route to the event. 

(Standing up in front of a few people and nervously mumbling about a hastily scribbled overhead projector sheet, is a nightmare I have woken from, in a deep sweat, a few times!)

I must try out 280 Slides more comprehensively. Upload your existing PowerPoint presentations and they’ll import them into 280 Slides. No need to start from scratch. (or is there…? …because my uploads failed a couple of times.) Access your presentations from anywhere in the world where there’s an Internet connection. Embed presentations into blogs etc

Well that’s the idea anyway. Try it and let me know.

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  1. Dave Clarke says:

    Dear Tim and Sarah
    Thanks for an amazing experience. The children were simply inspired (and inspiring!). You certainly created a ripple which we are determined to sustain. Hope the rest of your week has been excellent. We will certainly be checking to see how you are getting along.

  2. Year 5 says:

    We thought you might like to look at a small (at the moment) piece of writing we did after your visit. We put it on our website

  3. blog says:

    Very impressive! Thank you for sharing this with me. More please!
    Kind regards
    Mr Rylands

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