Brighton and Hove Primary ICT Conference

| June 19, 2009 | 6 Comments 

brighton-and-hove-09-001Today we had the pleasure of a return trip to Brighton, for their ICT Conference 2009, and the chance to work with staff from schools across the county.

And what a smiley bunch! Up for the challenges we set for them.

The “Sarah and Tim Roadshow” covers hundreds of miles these days. This week is no exception!


Pembrokeshire, Telford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, and back to Pembrokeshire, and that’s not as far as some other weeks.

But it is worth it because we meet SO many gorgeous people!

Two of those people were from a couple of creative companies doing workshops here.

Katherine from 2Simple was showing some of the remarkable possibilities for imaginative use of 2DIY. We have been having fun working with schools, and getting children to generate their own games.

I am continually amazed and inspired by the creations made on 2Do It Yourself.  Check out the examples on the archive HERE : 
Many will know that we are big fans of Crazy Talk. (We even premiered Stan (Margaret’s puppy) and his new hit single about avoiding a certain operation! 🙂  )

brighton-and-hove-09-021Today, we learnt from Matt of TAG , that Crazy Talk 6 is out any moment now. It features some new amazing features. It has extra puppeteering facilities – plus – you can animate up to FOUR heads on one screen!

Can you imagine how powerful that could be. A full on play, perhaps, between 4 of the childrens’ doodles.

Check Out THIS LINK to see some of the new features.
You could even import from Comic Life into Crazy Talk and make your comic come to life!

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  1. Really enjoyed your talk today – very inspiring although you did make me feel old talking about teaching with the old BBCB computers – and then when all those other people put their hands up to say they had learnt on them….well!!!!
    Just showed my son the photos of the day. He would love Myst.

    Thanks to you both for lots of good tips too.

    Hope to see you again – maybe we could arrange a cluster of schools to get together for an inset – certainly seemed lots of interest today

    Tracey Bowers – Hertford Infant and Nursery School, Brighton

  2. Rachel Goddard says:

    I was on this course today and WOW what a day, Tim really is so inspiring, I wrote pages of notes as he spoke – notes of ideas I was having to use his ideas. Can’t wait to try them out and find out more. And yes we really did all have our hands up in the air – pretending we were on the hogwarts express!

  3. Chris Kirwan says:

    A great day! Thanks Tim! Looking forward to trying some of your ideas out!

    Chris Kirwan – St Bernadette’s Primary, Brighton

  4. Chris Kirwan says:

    Thanks Tim! A great day! I am looking forward to trying some of your ideas out!

    Chris Kirwan – St Bernadette’s Primary, Brighton

  5. Dee O'Flaherty says:

    What a fantastically inspiring day – lots to take in and cogitate over – I am looking forward to trying out some of the ideas as soon as I can!
    Hertford Junior School, Brighton

  6. Vicky Lee says:

    Thank you for such an amazing day, it was so inspirational and given me loads of practical ideas and tips which I can’t wait to share with the staff. I have already ordered Myst 3 and 4!
    Davigdor Infants

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