Pembrokeshire – Motivating & Inspiring Reluctant Writers Day 5

| June 23, 2009 | 1 Comment 

ysgol-sir-thomas-001This morning was visited Ysgol Sir Thomas Picton to work with Year 7 pupils, teachers and, again, visiting teachers. A delightful bunch of people, prepared to ‘stand still’ for absolutely ages, exploring the virtual landscape.

Communication is great, miscommunication can be dangerous but also can bring masses of hilarity. Have a go at this game, Broken Picture Telephone. 

Like Chinese Whispers with the added element of drawing!
Just what is Broken Picture Telephone, you ask? Why is it the game of miscommunication?
Broken Picture Telephone is a game similar to the childhood game of Broken Telephone – the game in which children sit in a circle, and whisper a sentence or phrase in a circle.
If you’ve ever played the game, you know that very quickly hilarity ensues. Broken Picture Telephone is the web-incarnation of that old children’s game, with a slight variation in how it’s played. Rather than whispering words to strangers around the internet, the game alternates between words and drawings.
And yes… hilarity does happen.

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  1. Neilson Cole says:

    A fantastic demonstration that was enjoyed by all involved. Students reflect on the experience and express a need to write imaginatively through ‘Myst’. Myst is now being made available to teachers in the school. Can’t compliment enough.

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