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Trek Yourself

| July 14, 2009 | 0 Comments 

Deleted my deep, manly, fruity toned Trek yourself Avatar… frustrating when he popped each visit I am sure.

Try one for yourself though at

Live long and prosper!

Burnt Mill School, Essex (+Qipit)

| July 13, 2009 | 2 Comments 

burnt-mill-y9-002The end of term approaches and what a lovely way to spend it, at Burnt Mill School, Harlow in Essex. Thank you to Sarah Martin, her colleagues and students, for a thoroughly enjoyable day.

We worked alongside two groups of students who rose to the many challenges we lay before them.

One group, Year 9s, responded incredibly openly and wrote some excellent descriptive narrative in “a desolate landscape offering little hope for mankind”.

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Futurelab- BridgED Event, London (plus “Little Wheel”)

| July 9, 2009 | 3 Comments 

screenshot-160We had an “eventful” journey up to Lunnun, thanks to a seemingly steam driven train, and, with minutes to spare, arrived in time to do a closing presentation at Futurelab‘s event entitled: BridgED: Making connections between industry and practice.

Futurelab has launched two new events to support collaboration between industry and education practitioners.

The first of these events, BridgED, was to give an opportunity to understand the needs of others in the education sector. Most of the event consisted of ‘facilitated networking’, managed introductions and conversations (or ‘dates’) between educators and their peers from industry. A chance for educators to ‘have their say’ and ensure that industry understands the issues and challenges that educators face when using ICT in the classroom.

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Our Own Private Eden…

| July 7, 2009 | 1 Comment 

Back home after a few days incarceration but the ole leggies are feeling rejuvenated. Spending some enforced time with your feet up, means an excuse for a bit of surfing of another kind. Have found some great new ideas, with a bit of random web wanderings, and, some true delights.

Wish I could, for the life of me, remember how I stumbled across this delightful video. This is how an “a moment to remember” family film could be composed.

I adore the music of John Mayer, and his song really complements the mood in this joyous, evening-sun-blessed gem.

Well done indeed Chris or “Dewde”. The original can be seen at Dewde’s site in a post titled Our Own Private Eden.


Kent ICT Conference & Exhibition

| July 2, 2009 | 6 Comments 

kent-conference-09-004An absolutely enervating, yet totally energising, day at the Kent ICT Conference & Exhibition 2009.

Well done to everybody today! We got there, despite all the huge hurdles, technical and creative!

This blog post will be a bit delayed as we have to attend to Mr Rylands leggies.

The leg that survived this remarkable day, has gone on strike. It looks rather unfamiliar in shape and hue! The blog and the myriad of links promised will be a little bit tardy until the bald bloke is back on two “normal” legs, rather than a leg and, appropriately for a day where we sent children on a safari, an elephant’s limb!

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SWGfL Regional ICT Conference 2009 – Bristol

| July 1, 2009 | 2 Comments 

sw-conference-09-003A return trip to the SWGfl Regional ICT Conference held at The University of the West of England. The conference was entitled “Expanding Horizons”.

sw-conference-09-002As ever, a SUPERB and professionally organised event with some inspiring speakers. The opening keynote was delivered by our dear friend Andy Hutt. Andy’s talk was titled “Reasons to be Cheerful” looking at the way that new tools can be used in and out of the classroom to make lessons more engaging and life a bit easier.

Typically, And delivered his presentation in a warm and human, realistic and experience based style. Certainly a reason to be cheerful in his own right.

Today we, too, looked at the power of blogging and other “web2.0” technologies.

I am very grateful to Ed Sherwin, of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary school, Fishponds in Bristol, for sharing some of his experiences with blogging, since our visit to help them set it up more than a year ago.
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