Futurelab- BridgED Event, London (plus “Little Wheel”)

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screenshot-160We had an “eventful” journey up to Lunnun, thanks to a seemingly steam driven train, and, with minutes to spare, arrived in time to do a closing presentation at Futurelab‘s event entitled: BridgED: Making connections between industry and practice.

Futurelab has launched two new events to support collaboration between industry and education practitioners.

The first of these events, BridgED, was to give an opportunity to understand the needs of others in the education sector. Most of the event consisted of ‘facilitated networking’, managed introductions and conversations (or ‘dates’) between educators and their peers from industry. A chance for educators to ‘have their say’ and ensure that industry understands the issues and challenges that educators face when using ICT in the classroom.

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We were otherwise engaged for most of the day so missed out on the Speed Dating. I was asked to “close the day with a buzz” with a presentation entitled “Bringing innovation and education together”.

Other speakers at the event included Stuart Ball, former primary teacher in Monmouthshire, and now working for the Microsoft Innovative Teachers program; and Sean McDougall previously of the Design Council and founder of the innovative Stakeholder Design.

It was lovely to be able to step out of the Myst and show some of the MANY elements we have been developing in schools and beyond, over the last two years.

We also nudged folk to a few Web Too technologies, including some favourites like Wordle, QuotePad, WordSift, EtherPad, Wikispaces, Bambuser, Qik, Cueprompter, ReadTheWords,TagGalaxy, ooVoo, Twitter, Prezi, VoiceThread, and so many more!

Today reminded me that I must contribute more posts to Flux, the Futurelab blog. I have been very… um… lax. “Must try harder! Playing too many games, lad”!

screenshot-139Discovered the delightful and engaging game Little Wheel recently.

A challenge and great to discuss with a class how to solve the problems encountered.

Great music, reminiscent of the Pink Panther theme: slinky, lounge-lizard jazz, – all muted-trumpets-and-brushes-on-tom-toms-sophistication.

Cool, man! Cool!

screenshot-141“Wall-e” like, in the isolation of a poor robot who’s mission you assist: to find and restore the power from the main generator.

Does that sound familiar to any of the Myst players amongst you? Think Myst IV:Revelation and Yeesha’s resigned comment of  “Don’t tell me! Dad blew the power again, didn’t he?”

Little Wheel

Play The Game here

(I do have to admit that, although I only snuck peeks honest, there is a useful walkthrough HERE. 🙂 )

Have fun, and good luck! Here’s power to your elbow, metal or otherwise.

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  1. Hey Tim
    I was one of the ‘industry’ folks at the BridgED event. Best bit for me, frankly, your presentation. Fantastic stuff.Dogs b!”£$%^s.
    As I didn’t have either electronic or other means of recording stuff during your presenation can I remind you that you did promise to post details of the fantastic software you highlighted. I note none of this seemed to be either Microsoft or Google which says something massive, doesn’t it? Will Twitter and continue to blog with you.
    Power to you.

  2. blog says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Mick – have now added SOME of the links promised. Trains were kicking out as much smoke as in the days of steam so the blog will remain unfulfilled for a bit. Onwards Onwards. Stay in touch.

  3. Gary Hollingsbee says:

    I was there, too. Your talk was fantastic and really enthused me. I’ve been using the Zelda games for a while with Year Seven students and can support what you say about the powerful impact immersive gaming has on students (especially boys) and how it develops their English skills. Was a real pleasure to finally hear you speak in person.

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