Merrylands Primary School, Essex

| September 28, 2009 | 5 Comments 

Merrylands 002Today we are at Merrylands Primary School in Essex, invited by head teacher, Sean Tobin. Tomorrow, we will be here again, developing the ideas covered today, through demonstration lessons. We are joined today by colleagues from neighbouring schools, Lee Chapel Primary School, James Hornsby High School, Woodlands Senior School and Lincewood Primary School,

MystIII 080We talked a lot about the aim of encouraging children to “Take off and fly”!I was reminded of¬† the ability to fly in “Goggles“, the “mod” of Google Earth.

In my TimesEd review of Google Earth itself I ended with “…and I think to myself what a wonderful world!”

In Goggles case I think to myself “what a clever chap!” I’m not sure if I “approve” of the ability to take potshots at locations but, it is great to fly Biggles-like in a bi-plane over London or, even, the Moon!
Safe flying folks!

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  1. Louise King says:

    I enjoyed the day at Merrylands today but what alot of information my brain now needs to take on – looking forward to entering the ‘locked page’ and the demo lessons tommorrow.

  2. Nina Kemp says:

    Hi, I had a mind boggling day but felt very inspired by the day’s activities. I think we will need time to process all the things we learnt today. Many Thanks

  3. Frances James says:


    Brilliant morning! I’ve not played these sort of games before, what a great way to grab the imagination. I felt like a kid and didn’t want it to stop. I’m hooked!!!
    Seriously though, it would be lovely to take groups of children and really use this media to get their imaginations and enthusiasm going and to leave their inhibitions behind.
    The afternoon, I couldn’t keep up with all the infomation but still loved the ideas being shown.
    Thanks for a non-boring training.
    It must have been good, i’ve logged on tonight, told my son all about it AND ordered the game off the internet. WOW!!!

  4. Trica Seymour says:

    Hi, I had a brilliant day, I know that I was hooked on Myst III and want to play more, and I am sure the children will all be hooked as well. Thank you (LSA)

  5. Rachel says:

    Hello I had a brilliant time at Merrylands Primary school it was the best primary school had ever been too

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