Merrylands Primary School, Essex:Day 2 II

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Merrylands 010Brian Finlay (also one of the visiting colleagues from Lincewood Primary School) shared these thoughts on today at Merrylands Primary School, Essex:

“Sitting back and viewing 60 children all captivated and engaged by the actions and voice of, Mr Rylands.

This two day course has certainly opened my eyes, mind and imagination on how in many different aspects of my teaching, including the use of ICT in the education of children. 

Each lesson begins on a slight tangent, involving the children and encouraging them to participate, whilst making his basic lesson rules fun and clear to the children.   

 The course gives a magnitude of ideas that can be taken back to any classroom.  These ideas can be incorporated and adjusted to provide a learning opportunity for children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 
Amongst the many things I will take from this course, is the strong use of body language and verbal ‘juggling’ that is providing an opportunity to develop the children’s vocabulary.    

Now I am sitting forward ‘captivated’, 60 minutes later, and even better, all of the children are participating fully in the activity!

PLAY THE Wii IN CLASS! !  No, no no, learning on the highly educational electronic computing device, that’s what I meant to say…  At lunch time I was lucky enough to witness ten children use a Wii to go on a safari journey.  This provided the quietest and shyest of children to come out from their shell and shine whilst his classmates encouraged him to engage in the activity.   Teamwork, communication skills, speaking and listening, note taking, science, geography, numeracy, ICT, wrapped-up into one journey through the African safari”.


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  1. sean tobin says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah
    Thank you so much for the two days training at our school. As you know I was inspired to book you after attending your Essex conference in May. You are truly inspirational and seeing you in action on Day Two with the most important people, the children, was so worthwhile. If the teachers who attended can take the risk to try new ideas and techniques then it is our children will be the ones who benefit. A risk woirth taking, I believe. So keep up the good work, keep travelling and inspiring and I will certainly be welcoming you back to inspire more adults and children at our school.
    P.S Here is a site i think you will both appreciate!!!!

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