Enfield : Games Based Learning Network Day 1

| October 1, 2009 | 6 Comments 

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Thank you to Andrew Rhodes from the Central Enfield City Learning Centre (CLC) and Alison Martin, Primary Literacy Coordinator for Enfield LA, for inviting us to lead the start of an exciting project.

Today, we were lucky to spend time with the staff and pupils at Galliard Primary School and were joined by visiting colleagues from Chase Side Primary, Merryhills Primary, Bowes Primary, Raynham Primary, Freezywater St George Primary, Hadley Wood School, George Spicer Primary, Raglan Junior, Oakthorpe Primary and St James C of E Primary

The CLC has been doing a lot of work with schools, for the last three years, around game based learning. Helped by the CLC, teachers have been developing a wide range of activities to support curriculum objectives using computer games like Guitar Hero, amongst others.

The games are used to create the context/ purpose for writing and other activities. This pilot project has been so successful that they are now looking to extend it to other schools, and have also been working in conjunction with the local authority to pilot further projects, such as this one, using games to enhance learning.

A discussion with the primary literacy coordinator and some funding from the local authority, led them to invite us to work with a number of Enfield primary schools. The focus of the project is to develop pupils writing skills using Myst and a HUGE variety of other tools.

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  1. Jo says:

    It was really great to see even the most literal children begin to grasp metaphors…..am excited to see what next

  2. Chloe says:

    I had such a brilliant time today.

    I enjoyed all 3 sessions but saw the greatest influence on the year 5s. The children I was sitting with started the session asking for my opinion at the end of every sentence they wrote, worried about getting spellings wrong.

    At the end of the session, one stood up and read her writing to the rest of the room. She had been so enthralled with what she was doing that she’d forgotten to be worried about what and how she was writing, she was just so desperate to get her ideas down and to share them with everyone else.

  3. Alison Martin says:

    An exciting start to our new network in Enfield! Thank you Tim and Sarah. Like many local authorities, writing remains a key priority in Enfield and we are always looking for ways to engage children in writing for a purpose. If today was anything to go by we have just found another key. The groans from the year 3 children when the session ended were audible above the bell!

  4. A huge thank you to Tim for an inspiring first day at Galliard (and an even bigger thank to the lovely children for sharing their amazing ideas with us).
    My colleague and I were on the edge of our seats, hoping that Tim would ‘take us for a walk’ or ‘turn around’ inside this incredible virtual world.
    We can’t wait to play with the software tomorrow, and find out what else is in store!

  5. Ellen Price says:

    This is a fantastic way to inspire all children to write creatively but particularly useful in engaging boys. None of the children wanted to put their ‘scribbling sticks’ down – which is clearly a mark of success!

  6. barbara Comley says:

    Really enjoyed yesterday. Would be interested to talk about how character could be developed from Myst.Loved the wii and am hooked and can see the benefit for the children in my class.

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