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MystIII 010Thank you to Andrew Rhodes, of Central Enfield City Learning Centre for recording his thoughts on our visit.

“The training sessions have gone better than either I or my colleagues could have hoped for.

If you have never seen Tim teach a class of children, then you have missed out! Last week, at Galliard School, Tim was able to build a rapport with three groups of 60 children almost immediately and within minutes he had them inspired, excited and ready to go wherever the story Tim very cleverly constructed with the children’s ideas and some clever use of sound and imagery.

For those people who think that it is all about playing computer games, I have to say you could not be any more wrong.

Certainly the rich media landscape provided by Myst gives both a powerful visual and auditory stimulus, but as Tim repeatedly tells us it is not about playing a computer game, but more about exploring new worlds and playing with words.

MystIII 011Tim teased graphic descriptions of places, feelings and soon year 3 children were using similies like veterans! In an hour and fifteen minutes , we hardly moved in the game, but pupils and teachers were completely gripped.

During all of the lessons (even year 1), Tim engaged with the pupils as though they were grown ups encouraging them to drop ideas into the lesson when they felt there was a good time rather than put their hands up. This meant they listened closely to one another and were sharing and developing ideas as a group.

MystIII 014We were also lucky enough to be able to spend a second day back at Central Enfield CLC where Tim shared with us his passion for Myst and a huge variety of other tools. The day was both highly entertaining, thought provoking and challenging. Tim gave us a great insight to the power of Myst as a tool to develop pupils writing, and also shared with us a wide variety of ICT tools to engage and stimulate learning.

Having fun was one of the key messages, but at the same time Tim was very clear about the need for there to be impact to the project we have undertaken. I am a firm believer that it is not about technology it is about teaching and I know that this is a view that Tim shares.

I hope our project will have a very real impact on pupils in our primary schools developing their writing skills but also their confidence and their creativity. I look forward to keeping in touch with Tim and Sarah over the coming months to share with them the work produced by schools involved in our project.

I feel inspired by those two days and can’t wait to get started on this project with our primary schools – thanks again Tim and Sarah!

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