Cue Prompter and Handheld Learning

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MystIII 043A good night last night at The Handheld Learning Awards. Congratulations to Dawn Hallybone for winning the Special Achievement Award.

We enjoyed delivering a training day and some demo lessons at Dawn’s school earlier this year so it was great to meet her colleagues at the “do” last night.

Presenter, Jason Bradbury, of The Gadget Show, was visibly moved by the excellent involvement of the children involved in “The Learners Y Factor” sessions during the day.

Picture 7At the awards, Jason used a couple of transparent screens as cue prompters.

Mentioned this recently, but a really useful tool when recording podcasts or filming pieces with a large amount of script (e.g. reading out some Myst writings) is Cue Prompter, a free online autocue.

Cut and Paste text into the window and it automatically scrools up the screen at the speed and size you find most useful.

Screenshot 004Was asked for some thoughts on sharing films for a recent programme on Teachers TV called “Film it, Share it – Sharing Practice”.

Presenter Matthew Tosh introduces a series of clips from videos made by teachers with the aim of showcasing their approach to teaching and sharing it on the web.

Clips include Year 5 school trips as part of PSHE and art education, and the use of drama to teach history. It also features one of the original clips of a my Chew Magna lot using Myst. Alongside these videos are top tips for uploading video to the internet.

This is part of a series looking at user generated content from the educational community.

I was waffling away… however,Cue Prompter could be useful if you know what you are going to say… and don’t want to forget it.


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