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Screenshot 068It is possible to adopt many things, including exotic animals, for charity these days.

How about getting your students to adopt a word? I have just adopted the word “Enthuse” because being excited about something gives a bit of bubble to life!

It only costs £20 and all proceeds go to I CAN to  help children who struggle to find the words they need to communicate.

Screenshot 070I CAN is the children’s communication charity. One in ten children has a communication difficulty – almost three in every UK classroom.

A difficulty with language and communication impacts on all aspects of children’s lives – making friends, reading and writing, passing exams or finding a job later in life.

Communication difficulties are not life threatening, but they are life limiting:
children who find communication hard find life hard.

I CAN tries to ensure that no child’s potential is needlessly wasted because of a difficulty with speaking, understanding or interacting.

In their words: “I CAN helps in many ways:

  • We run specialist schools to help children with the most severe problems whose needs cannot be met in mainstream school. We give expert advice to parents and families about what to look for and how to get help.
  • We provide assessments for children so that their families know what support will best meet their needs.
  • We train teachers and other childcare workers in what a communication difficulty looks like and how to best help children who struggle.
  • We are increasing awareness and understanding of the problem”.

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