Pembroke Dock Primary, Pembrokeshire

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Pembdock 003Monday A return visit to Pembroke Dock Primary, this time for a training day with  Pembroke Family of Schools – our first visit was a very enjoyable one, and we had the opportunity to work with the children of the school.

Today, we worked alongside the staff and visiting colleagues, to explore the many ways of using visual image, and collaborative tools, to inspire children of all ages and abilities.

(For Booify+more )

The Pembroke Family Schools joining us today were: Pembroke School, Pembroke Dock Primary, Orielton CP School, Stackpole V.C., Angle V.C Primary School, St. Mary’s RC Primary School, Lamphey Primary, Monkton Priory CP, Pennar CP , Golden Grove Community School and Cosheston VC School.

One of the elements we looked at was how to refine searches uses extensions, and advanced searches.

The “Advanced Search” aspect of any search engine means that you start to do a Boolean search. Named after George Boole, an English mathematician and philosopher. Boolean logic means you start to use “and” “or” and other links between search phrases (I know I am over simplifying this but we could be here for a glorious few hours on the subject).

MystIII is a very well thought through and visual introduction to searching effectively. The site contains lesson plans, a (much more detailed and clear) explanation of the process (than I gave! 🙂 )

A big thank you to Acting Headteacher Peter Evans for coordinating today’s event.

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