St. Woolos Primary School, Newport

| October 16, 2009 | 12 Comments 

woolos 001What fun today, at St. Woolos Primary School, Newport.

During the morning, we had the chance to work with two groups of children who had the style to turn up at school ON THEIR DAY OFF! 🙂

We were very impressed with all of these valiant volunteers. They showed great energy in the way they were willing to pick words up and juggle them. They also displayed a great sense of humour which showed itself in inventive responses and witty banter when asked to take  on different roles in the lands we visited.

In the afternoon, we spent some time with all of the staff from the school. They too showed great perception and insight. We explored the “philosophies” behind the techniques used today.

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  1. Jo Barton says:

    Thank you seems wholly inadequate for such a day. As I watched our children’s faces alight with fascination and heard some, never known to speak with any confidence, reading their work aloud, unprompted, I had to turn away and wipe a surreptitious tear. Later I collected my own children from after-school care. At the park we buried each other in many-coloured leaves, clambered up and slid down gnarled tree trunks and put on an impromptu Nutcracker in the deserted (desserted?!!) bandstand. This is the day my teaching changes. Thank you both. Jo

  2. Liz says:

    It was an amazing day and has given me a clearer and less stressed out way of looking at things. If I’m honest I can’t wait to do these things with my own baby (when it is born!) as well as in the classroom.

  3. Geraint Jones says:

    Brilliant as always!
    I have seen Tim speak a few times now but to see exactly how to do it was fantastic. I learned a lot. I went home and changed my planning straight away.

    Diolch yn fawr Tim

  4. Heather Vaughan says:

    It’s been three days now since you visited us and the intensity of the sessions is still with me. The thing that has struck me most after looking at these photographs is that our children are laughing, smiling and enjoying themselves and isn’t that what real learning is all about?

    Thank you so much for a tremendous day!

  5. Sally Couch says:

    The children haven’t stopped talking about it and are driving the others mad with their “posh” voices.One of my children has been inspired to write a novel as a result of the session and she is on chapter three already!It was such an inspiration to us all.

    Thank you both for a fantastic day.

  6. Caryl Jones says:

    The day that you visited, you took me back in time…………I became one of the children that you captivated…….my imagination taken to a level that time forgot…….and for that, I can only thank you…… I wish that I had had the honour of experiencing your amazing persona and teaching skills when I was a child………but how lucky are we to be able to pass this on to our future generations. Thank You !

  7. Gerry says:

    Magic from start to finish

  8. umer ali says:

    ilove the pics like a slide show it was really fun on the day mr.rylands came in fantastic.

  9. Umer Ali says:

    It’s good to look back on the memory’s from St.Woloos now that we are in high school

  10. sulayman dinmahamed says:

    what a day and definitely worth missing and hour or 2 of the weekend

  11. ellenjoy doyle says:

    i used to go to st woolos from reception to year 2 and now i live in canada i wish i could go back and see the school again

  12. Umer Ali says:

    Now that i live in england is good to look back at the memories of this particular day!

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