East Riding Inspiring Creative Technology Conference

| October 20, 2009 | 11 Comments 

bridlington 003More miles, but how well worth it, to get to the East Riding Inspiring Creative Technology Conference at Bridlington Spa in Bridlington.

I was asked to give a keynote speech, and a few workshops, to the nearly 200 delegates here today.

The opening presentation, from Cary Bazalgette, touched upon differing viewpoints on the digital literacies debate.

Thank you to David Mell and Margaret Howcroft, and their colleagues, for a superb event.


bridlington 007Also, thank you to Rick Overfield for helpful suggestions re Internet Explorer:

if you are using Etherpad, and you replay the creation of your text, using the timeslider, it is possible to make the text larger in Internet Explorer, by using the “Zoom” function (e.g. Ctrl +)

Creative thinking! Thanks Rick.

Useful Pickie 048Another creative mind lives around these parts: It is rumoured that David Hockney lives near Bridlington.

David Hockney was born on July 9, 1937, the fourth of five children. His parents would have been considered quite radical at the time; his father an antiwar activist and his mother a vegetarian.

bridlington 017

As a young boy in Bradford, David Hockney knew quite early that he wanted to become an artist. He studied at the Bradford School of Art and later fulfilled his National Service duties in a hospital. In 1959, Hockney enrolled at the London College of Art.

Although Hockney’s artistic skills were recognized at school and he was noted as an important contributor to the pop movement, Hockney didn’t excel academically. In fact, he flunked out twice before he graduated.

KeyboardHow about having a go at Hockneyizing a picture, as we have done above, using The Hockneyizer from Big Huge Labs.

A few other of the Web Too technologies presented, included some favourites like Wordle, QuotePad, WordSift, EtherPad, Wikispaces, Bambuser, Qik, Cueprompter, ReadTheWords,TagGalaxy, ooVoo, Twitter, Tagul, Prezi, VoiceThread,  and so many more!

bridlington 016

We loved exploring, again, the excellent – Switcheroo Zoo site. Watch this space for some of the delegates Camelephantelopelicanaries.

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  1. John Janulewski says:

    Tim and Sarah
    Thanks for your big part in a great day. I haven’t heard or seen an audience held like today for a very long time. Will post up the feedback results when we collate them. An initial pick from the bunch talked pretty universally about inspiration. On behalf of all concerned, thanks again.

  2. Sean Robinson says:

    Just like to thank you for delivering such an excellent and informative presentation today. I thought your workshops were incredibly thought provoking and all inspiring. Combined with your refreshing delivery style, I thought the day was extremely useful and fun.

    Keep up the excellent work; your pupils are very lucky to have you as their teacher.

  3. Tina Mouland says:

    Was at the Brid Spa conference today, can I just say it was amazing,you had so much energy and creativity, I came away with so many wonderful ideas.
    Thank you for a fantastic day.

  4. Simon Bissett says:


    I very much enjoyed your presentations today and can see very practical applications to them. I did chat to my colleague in the car on the way back to York about them and we could see a number of simple ways to help us in the classroom as well as coming home and showing off to my wife about little toys on the internet. I do think this would be powerful to share with a bigger audience, namely staff in our cluster and would love the children to have a chance to feel as inspired as I do after today – very unusual at this time of the term! If you could give me an indication of a slot when you may be free and possible cost that would be helpful for my future thinking.

    Thanks again and I still want a WII!

  5. Wendy Baxter says:

    Thanks Tim for some great sessions today. As a secondary ICT teacher and avid lover of Web 2.0 I had come across many of the sites you showed today. However, I confess I had simply added them to my favourites list and promptly forgotten about them. You have reminded me to go back and check that list again and shown me some more ways to introduce the fun element into my teaching. I would definitely recommend anyone to come and experience your presentations.

  6. Brian Hartington says:

    Just wanted to say thank-you so much for sharing your amazing ideas. My lessons tommorow are going to include both EtherPad and Quote Pad…can’t wait to show the rest of the staff how to make multi-modal writing frames.Hope you’ll be able to make it back up north sometime soon.Cheers

  7. Richard Overfield says:

    Excellent presentation at Brid. I was really inspired by you and the way you delivered the workshops.


  8. Robin Duckworth says:

    Thanks for your presentation. Definitely inspiring and I can just imagine how much fun the children must have in your class. I didn’t take a note of the links you had in your presentation (web 2.0 tools). I though they would be on your site – any chance you could post them?

  9. Angela Thresh says:

    I nearly held you both responsible for crashing my car yesterday… my mind was buzzing with all the fab ideas from your workshop that I almost went off the road! Not only did I gain some interesting & new resources to share with my colleagues, I have a renewed enthusiasm for using ICT to inspire (and focus) my class. Thanks again to you both.

  10. blog says:

    They are there Robin, at the bottom of this post. Have a dig and let me know if you need any more help budd. Cheers for now

  11. Andy Nunn says:

    A great day was had by all it seems – many thanks for the inputs! If you are an East Riding teacher and you want to contribute to ongoing developments why not visit the ICT Interest Space at http://tiny.cc/ER_ICT and help sustain momentum for Creative use of Technology?

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