Willesborough Infant School, Kent II

| October 23, 2009 | 3 Comments 

willes  001Day Two at Willesborough Infant School, Ashford, Kent, and it has been a true delight to spend two days with such open minded, creative, up-for-a-challenge group as these Foundation Stage and KS1 teachers here at Willesborough. Thank you all for a great time.

A thank you (again) to Ben, from Brook Primary, who shared another astute observation, as did all of the staff here today. Ben picked up on the power of a teacher’s ‘prosody’ (from Greek προσῳδία, prosōidía) being the rhythm, stress, and intonation of connected speech (as opposed to smaller elements like syllables or words). I like the way Ben described it, as “the music, the tune, the melody of your voice”.

Wild West PhonicsWe worked alongside the folk here to develop some of their many ideas to help motivate and inspire children and get them to take off and fly.

We still need to have a focus on the nuts and bolts.

Here are a couple of mini sites that could be useful: Wild West Phonics. Choose from three levels – Medium, Hard or Really Hard. Listen to the word and choose the correct sound to fill the gap.

How about James Barrett’s delightful  “Letter lifterwilles  002?

Send an object across the conveyor belt and have a go at working out what sound it starts with…

In fact the WHOLE of James’ fantastic ICT games site is full of excellent resources.

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  1. Anne Shaw says:

    Thank you for so many good ideas and an inspiring presentation. I will look forward to trying out many things with my children and to see what will happen next. o many useful things to try out at home as well.

  2. Jen and Claire says:

    A fun training day with lots of ideas to use in the classroom. Thank you!

  3. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for two great days and really inspiring me and managing to do that the end of a very long term is quite a feat! I’m already thinking how I can use this with my class and thinking what I might discover next time I play! Thank you again, days like this are invaluable!

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