College Town Juniors, Sandhurst

| November 2, 2009 | 8 Comments 

collday1 001After a slightly hectic, but thoroughly enjoyable, “half term break”, it was lovely to make our way over to Bracknell Forest and College Town Juniors, Sandhurst.

Sandhurst itself is best known for the Royal Military Academy The Academy opened in 1947 and is is the British Army officer initial training centre. The Academy is on the site of the Royal Military College which opened its doors in 1801, so the site is soaked in history.

We were joined, today, by colleagues from Uplands Junior and Warfield Primary School.

Our “slightly hectic, but thoroughly enjoyable, half term break”, involved moving house. What great fun we had! Really.

We are hoping to have some time there soon (!) and also to make a virtual tour of the house, using Photosynth. WATCH THIS SPACE.

In the meantime, we found this superb gallery of photographs, and a description, of N85 residence in New Delhi, India, designed by Indian architectural firm Morphogenesis. Stunning, beautiful yet practical, design.

We are very grateful to Jane Auster and Jill Ward, their colleagues, and the visiting staff, for a fun filled start to the new term in their beautiful building today.

Tomorrow, we look forward to the building being populated by the pupils and heading off to other worlds of words…

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  1. Nicola York says:

    Thanks Tim and Sarah for a very memorable, action-packed day. We have all taken away tonnes of ideas to use in the classroom, from using MYST to translating to using powerpoint in a much more interactive way! Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing the children’s reaction in your lesson tomorrow as well in my own classroom.

  2. Emma Ward says:

    What an incredible day! Not like the usual ‘INSET’ days (am I allowed to say that?? ;))I am doing supply teaching at the moment but boy do you give a good case to get back in the classroom full-time and be as inspirational as you! So many fabulous ideas…I’m off to download Gadwin right now! Thank you to you both!

  3. David Page says:

    As Nic said thank you again for a very inspiring day. I can’t wait to get started, I have just popped to school to take photos of the display of our Greek Fantastical beast masks we made before half term. I am about to bring them to life in crazy talk. So I can explain to the children that we have had some strange things happening in school over half term – What did Halloween bring ?! This will then link into some photos of strange figures at the window of our classroom, combined with the vampire adjustments I have made to our headteacher – (“apparently you can be sacked for less !”)I have also just downloaded my cool timer ! Thanks again. I have got some maths quest games that the children made in powerpoint based on the idea of trantowers, using action buttons – I am happy to share these with anyone who is interested.

  4. Phil Sherwood says:

    Tim and Sarah, thank you for an inspiring day. The pace was great and amount of information given to us was phenomenal (I think that’s spelt correctly – no spell check on here I see!). I feel equipped and enthused to take what I have seen and heard and apply it in my class. I know the children will enjoy it, and I know I will too. Thanks again.

  5. Cath Mulvenna says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day! It has left us all buzzing with ideas and really captures what teaching is all about. I am currently having lots of fun with crazytalk – an Egyptian sarcophagus and, of course, my cat! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow!

  6. blog says:

    Thanks all for your encouraging comments. Looking forward to our explorations in the world of words. Thanks for the fun and smiles. T and S

  7. Marie Prudden says:

    Thank you for a fabulous 2 days at Owlsmoor School. The first packed with INSPIRING ideas to take back to my school and pass on to other colleagues. You surpassed what had been previously said about your style of teaching. It really captivated the adults and children, taking them into unknown worlds. Todays lessons showed how children of different ages were transfixed and really wanted to be involved. The best part for them was that they were left wanting more. What more can teachers ask for?

  8. Krystle says:

    What a fabulous day! Full of information and fun things to do. The resources and ideas we were given are brilliant, I don’t know how gadwin wasn’t already on my computer… You’ve given me a lot to talk about, my literacy set won’t know what’s hit them… An inspirational day!

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