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College Town Juniors, Sandhurst II

| November 3, 2009 | 3 Comments 

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Day 2 at College Town Juniors, Sandhurst and what a delight to work alongside the children of this school, all 260-ish of them!

Lorraine Wade, Community Governor and Parent at College Town Junior School kindly wrote her observations:
Creative Writing Workshop
I have come into school to experience, well I don’t know what. Entering into the school hall that has been darkened, I feel I am about to go on a journey.
Mr Rylands introduces himself and his walking stick, Mr Walker. He asks the children to describe what they can see on Mr Walker, holes they respond. Why holes? Why are they there? He asks the children to come up with ideas, “to think out of the box” and any ideas are discussed, the sillier the better and the children don’t disappoint!!

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