Leeds – Stimulating Writing through ICT Conference

| November 5, 2009 | 34 Comments 

Leeds 001Leeds Stimulating Writing through ICT Conference at Bodington Hall, Leeds University joined by colleagues from 21 schools across the authority.

We are grateful to Bill Lord, Literacy Regional Advisor for The National Strategies,  for live blogging his first thoughts on the day. Read his ponderings and musings HERE

Thank you to Colin Davies, Primary ICT Consultant, Education Leeds for inviting us.

Thankyou to all of the colleagues today, from the school below, for a thoroughly enjoyable day today.

Bardsey Primary, Boston Spa Primrose Lane, Boston Spa St Mary’s RC, Bramhope Primary, Calverley Parkside, Cookridge Holy Trinity CoE, Harewood CoE, Highfield Primary, Horsforth Newlaithes Junior, Horsforth St Margaret’s CoE, Horsforth West End Primary, Lady Elizabeth Hastings Collingham, Lady Elizabeth Hastings Ledston, Lady Elizabeth Hastings Thorp Arch, Otley All Saints CoE, St Oswald’s CoE, Tranmere Park, Wetherby Crossley Street, Wetherby Deighton Gates , Otley Ashfield and Yeadon Westfield Junior School.

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  1. Anne Fell says:

    I attended the event this morning – and am gutted that I had to leave early!
    Inspiring, engaging, stimulating, entertaining and much more. What a pleasure to work with someone who is so clearly enthusiastic and passionate about teaching!
    Thank you so much.

  2. Hazel Williams says:

    Thanks for a fantastic day – truly inspirational!

  3. James Clay says:

    Thanks for a great day and a phenomenal amount of info and resources. My head is still spinning with what to do next/first!

  4. J.W. says:

    Fantastic to come away from the day feeling like anything is possible rather than – oh no when will I fit this in!!

    Thanks for a ‘GORGEOUS’ day. This is the first time I have been on a course and got to morning break without looking at the clock!

  5. Therese O'Sullivan says:

    What a fantastic day! I can see the approaches modelled today inspiring all children but will be particularly useful in developing vocabulary and language skills for EAL pupils. Therese O’Sullivan, EAL consultant, Education Leeds

  6. Rupert Madeley says:

    Thank you! Extremely inspirational, mostly because it is a starting point. I have come away thinking “we can use that like this” and “if we did that differently we could…” etc. How we turn that potential into real and dynamic learning for our children is down to us, but I feel truly energised with the possibilities I have seen.

  7. Ollie Butterwick says:

    A great day. Inspirational and very relevant. Many thanks.

  8. Helen Priestnall says:

    What a day! Tim it was a pleasure to meet you. So many inspiring ideas which I KNOW my children will love. Never pictured myself as a gamer, but I cannot wait to use Myst at Lady Hastings School. Thank you for all your fab ideas – and for your enthusiasm.

  9. Debbie Howell says:

    What an inspiring day! Thanks for letting me be part of it. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  10. Rupert Madeley says:

    Call me a teacher’s pet, but I have already practised the multimodal powerpoint creation…it is as easy as you said.

  11. Tracey Allan says:

    What a fantastic and inspiring day – thanks! Can’t wait to see you in action tomorrow morning.

  12. Ivan Lister says:

    What a great day! I will have to insulate my loft on another weekend. Will definitely be spending most of this weekend on my computer exploring these fabulously practical resources.

  13. Anne Fell says:

    You rock, Rupert!

  14. Wendy Mayo says:

    Fantastic day – many thanks! Really looking forward to seeing you work with the children tomorrow.

  15. Tracey Allan says:

    Guess what I’m doing straight after this 2nd blog?! By the way I’ve never blogged before!! My 11 year old son and I are going to explore Myst together, forget the ironing, homework and other domestic things that need doing I’m hooked and I have never been one for computer games having lived with a husband who is obsessed!!!

  16. Angela Beall says:

    I’d like to echo the previous comments. What a fantastic day. Can’t wait to get started!

  17. Catherine Charles says:

    A great day with lots of inspirational ideas. It was the little differences- different ways to ask questions,involving the children, providing enjoyment, that I’m sure will make a big impact. Thank you.

  18. Jon Iglesias says:

    Thank you for giving me many inspirational ideas.I enjoyed the whole day, I can’t wait to see what my class produce tomorrow.

    Jon Iglesias

  19. Bill Lord says:

    A super day with very excited teachers. I can’t wait to see the new plans in practice in Leeds classrooms.

  20. Great day with great practical tools. Thanks.

    PS How excited am I about Etherpad?! Planning to do a whole class story tomorrow in pairs across the school! Live peer-assessment!

  21. Sam Collier - Lit Consultant says:

    Wow! Just settled down for evening, thought I’d chek Tim’s blog and am thrilled to see that so many of you feel as inspired and excited as I had hoped!! Very excited about our visit to Bramhope Primary. Thank you Tim and Sarah.

  22. Philip Joynson says:

    What an inspiring day! Thank you for giving me so many inspirational ideas. A really valuable day.

  23. Helen Priestnall says:

    Thought we didn’t need to do any planning Bill!

  24. Rachel Harrison says:

    Thank you for such a fantastic and inspiring day. I am really looking forward to the morning and seeing your work in action with my Year 2 class.

  25. Frank Lyden says:

    A really INSPIRATIONAL (upper case) day. I can’t stop thinking about uses for Mr. Walker – Maybe you could launch a volley of fireworks from him!

  26. blog says:

    Thanks all for your encouraging comments
    Looking forward to today and the chance to put all that we looked at in to action
    Keep up the good work
    Tim and Sarah

  27. Suzanne Ulyett says:

    Thanks for an ‘inspiring’ day. It was good to come away from a course without a burdensome ‘to do’list but with a ‘want to do’ list instead. Used Wordle last night to create a word cloud using various drafts made by the school community of a new mission statement for the school. I’m not sure I need a traditional ‘statement’ now as the cloud clearly shows our priorities and looks gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the teaching and learning today at Bramhope. Thanks again.

  28. Diane Wilkinson says:

    Hi Tim and Sarah.

    Found course brilliant if a bit overwhelming at times.Will take bite size chunks of the mountain. Reminded me why we are in teaching and the impact on how children can perceive school. Bit of a techno phobe [ middle name is Margaret] and a blog virgin. Hope you get this.

  29. Louise Marshall says:

    The day yesterday was fantastic with so many inspirational ideas. However, working with the children really showed how enthusuastic they can be about writing when their interest is truly captured. Thank you.

  30. Keith Price says:

    Thanks for a wonderful couple of days. Had some adventures in Bristol, Whiteladies Road and Priory Road area. Many years ago. My mind is working overtime and will be Mysting this weekend!
    Thanks again Keith

  31. Frank Lyden says:

    Another really inspiring day. The smile on one child’s face when he read back what he had written said it all. It was so great to see every child writing with enthusiasm, and all the adults being at least as excited!

    Thank you both.
    I think you can get a cream for that really big zit!

  32. Carol Ainscow says:

    I reallly enjoyed both days and can’t wait to use Myst with my year 3 class this week! It was great to see the writing that can come of of Tim’s ideas- the children who I were sat with on Friday loved it and their writing was brilliant!

  33. Cheryl Coldwell says:

    What an inspiring day.I can’t wait to use myst 111 with my class.Thank you

  34. Mark says:

    Have used Myst twice now. The class love it. They are torn between wanting to go further in the game and wanting to write.

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