Leeds – Stimulating Writing through ICT Conference Day 2

| November 6, 2009 | 6 Comments 

Bramhope1It is always a delight to have the chance to show the techniques we have discussed on a training day, but this time, in action with children.
The three classes we spent time with today, at Bramhope Primary, in Leeds, were really up for a challenge. We wandered in the world of words and some children seemed to really surprise themselves with their creativity, I think. All of them were a credit to their school. 🙂

Well done, to all of the staff, and colleagues, over the last two days, for being really astute and preceptive professionals, who understood that “IT ISN’T ABOUT THE GAME”. Rather, that the social etiquette elements, creative confidences, and the desire to write, are inspired by careful questioning, positive reinforcement of efforts and getting some empathetic buzzzzzzzzzzzz going on in the room.

Colin Davies and Sam CollierI don’t think you can ask more than receiving these thoughts from the two people who were ultimately reponsible for this event:

Expectations were high…teachers giddy with expectation having posted comments on the website late into the night and early this morning…and we were not disappointed. Infact it was beyond what I had hoped…it was not JUST!? Myst and motivating the little lovelies to write, it was brilliant teaching – some excellent control techniques!! and ways of drawing in the most reluctant child. Fab modelling of thought processes and language use, children were spouting superb similes and loving it!!

Simply, something all teachers need to experience.

Sam Collier Literacy Consultant, Leeds.

Expected a fantastic reaction and wasn’t disappointed. The teachers saw some terrific teaching from Tim, full of wonderful ideas and techniques, not all revolving around the computer. The children were clearly engaged and drawn into an exciting and stimulating environment. Can’t wait to see more.

Colin Davies, ICT Consultant, Leeds

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  1. Rupert Madeley says:

    It isn’t JUST about the game….the brilliant teaching plays the KEY role. But the game does play a part, if only to be a safe “other world” in which the children have the confidence to express themselves and engage with learning in new ways and to new extents. It is a vehicle for the learning that takes place, but in the hands of a good teacher (and you are an excellent teacher) it is a vehicle that can fly and do loop the loops and travel in time and reach the stars and..and..and.. Thank you. You have inspired me so I’ll be doing my first session in my school with the game on Wednesday.

  2. Ollie Butterwick says:

    It was great to see how yesterday’s session could be applied in the ‘classroom’. Many thanks for a fantastic 2 days. Mr Walker was on form!

  3. Cas Heath says:

    A great experience to actually see the theory put into the classroom on day two.

  4. Thanks again for another brilliant session. Great to see how the children responded.

    Thanks also to Bramhope Primary for making us all so welcome and of course thanks to the children who were all fantastic and a credit to their school.

    I watched the children around me grow visibly in confidence throughout the session and produce some awesome writing. One child near me said with a bemused look on his face, “I’m not usually so good at this!”

  5. Charlie Hughes says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. So many ideas and new websites to try out! I will just have to take it one idea and site at a time.Good to see your stuff used with real children (more than 6)in a real school on day 2. Thanks. I do have a bit of a problem with that Wordle site though – I can’t stop playing I mean using it. I wonder how this blog would look if I wordled it?

  6. Ivan Lister says:

    Just done my first session with Myst Exile. The pupils produced incredible writing, did not want to go for lunch and insisted that we go through the study door this afternoon. I feel so glad to be doing this work and full of expectation for the future. Thanks Tim or opening my doors and confirming my ability to use creativity and personalities to dominate my classroom. My Head cannot believe the results of just one writing session.

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