Wiltshire ICT Conference

| November 20, 2009 | 12 Comments 

wiltshire 001Thank you to Ian Baker, of Wilt5shire LEA for inviting Sarah and me back to Devizes. This time, to work with advisers and key colleagues across the Wiltshire region.

A true delight for us to work alongside the great Andy Hutt, of Learning Potential.

Andy’s Reasons to be Cheerful talk promises to be warm, inspirational and practical. We’ve worked with Andy before and know this will be a great session. Andy’s working on a number of different projects, including teaching on the University of Bath’s PGCE programme and has recently joined the well-established Muleskinners. He’s a drummist too!

We really appreciated the efforts that Ian and his team went to make this effort the buzzing success it was. What a great idea- to get fellow advisers together to see what ICT tools, tips, tricks and techniques are available when they work with schools across all of their specialist subjects.

We were, ostensibly, all digital today. But stressed the need for a mix of analogue and digital.

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  1. andrew malcolm says:

    I’m here at the conference now and Tim is about to finish his presentation. It is/was fascinating!

  2. Jim Smith says:

    Just like to say that I was called away from the conference but was full of ideas and ways inwhich I feel that I can further aid some of the schools inwhich I work.

    Have also been racking my brain – very small as it is -about when I met Tim before, as we shook hands we both recognised one another….hmmmm

  3. A fantastic day, with lots of great ideas and new tools to try. Great to see you again and thank you so much for your input Tim and Sarah.

  4. Myles Pilling says:

    Great time to see so many good ideas for everyone to use tomorrow! Thanks for opening our eyes to realistic possibilities

  5. Helen Southwell says:

    Thanks Tim, Sarah and everyone else who contributed to the success of the day. I never fail to come away from these sessions inspired with something new to try and like many of us in the room can’t wait to give it a go…then work, life, etc take over. However, again like many others in the room, my aim is to take away just 1 thing that I can do that will make a difference and if we all do that, what a difference we can make!

  6. Viv Dixon says:

    Thanks for a very entertaining day. You made it look so easy that I intend to try out lots of the ideas – especially the freebies!

  7. Bob Harding says:

    The point for me was that – with a bit of effort – it’s possible to make learning really engaging, it the engagement that makes it ‘stick’.

    Tim has a wonderful way about him that quickly builds trust – he’s not ‘soft’ but he is very trustworthy – so you go along with him.

    The most enjoyable training day I can remember.

  8. Jenny Jones says:

    Thanks for a truly inspiring input into this really great day. I enjoyed Tim’s presentation and Sarah’s visual demonstration for Power point hugely. Watch this space….the glow will spread:)

  9. Jan Carver says:

    What a great day! I came away with so many ideas. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll be looking at powerpoint presentations in a whole new way.

    Thank you Tim and Sarah

  10. Ian Baker says:

    Dear Tim, Sarah and thanks so much for a truly inspiring day. So many ways to support schools to make a difference. I’m sure today will have inspired all of us to take another step (forward)along the digital path:-))

  11. Tim, Sarah, An excellent presentation. Truly inspirational. It made my day, week, year. Thank you.

  12. Tom Robson says:

    Hi Tim,
    what a great day. Many thanks for the continuing inspiration. I went straight to Shaw school to try some of the ideas out!

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