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A delightful two days in the North of England at Rosebrook Primary, in Mansfield. Day One we had opportunity to work with the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and their staff, followed by a twilight with all the staff; then Day Two with Year 3/4 and Year 2 classes with an afternoon working with teaching staff for ‘hands on’ experience.

Tony Witte, head teacher, kindly scribed his reflections :

Having just experienced two amazing days with Tim Rylands and Sarah I felt the urge to write about our experiences. We are a school in a very deprived area of Mansfield where our children need to be inspired and have the bar raised. We are always looking to ways of doing this as well as giving children unique experiences. The school has recently amalagamated Sept 07 and the need to challenge the 345 children on roll is a daily requirement.

rosebrooky5 001The school building is an old secondary school with a lot of space at times too much as the school can feel disjointed and without the ‘Primary Feel’

Tim and Sarah came in and opened eyes and ears of children and staff with two days of inspiring hands on writing activities which included using games and other IT programs. I watched and enjoyed seeing a number oif our more reluctant children performing and feeding back about their learning. We are a school which is very well resources but bothing comes close to the resource of having Tim and Sarah in school.

Everyone learnt and experienced so much during the two days. Years 1-6 had the learning opportunity of a life time and staff are buzzzing about the new opportunities for learning and teaching that this has opened.

They don’t come cheap but they are worth every penny.

I returned after a Heads meeting and asked some of the children their thoughts on the day-‘Brillinat, Awesome, the best day of may life, I didn’t know writing could be so much fun’

If you want to know more don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you to Tony Witte, head teacher Rosebrook Primary.

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  1. Amber, bronwyn & Jessica says:

    Just seen the blog in Mr Witte’s room we think it looks fantatsic, excellent great we will have a proper look later

  2. Tony Witte says:

    Love the blog will encourage staff and children to look and comment

  3. Mrs Jones says:

    I found Tim and Sarah’s session on teaching ideas using ICT and setting up interactive powerpoints clear and easy to follow and this technique should be very useful. Thanks.

  4. Amie says:

    Really like the blog – had an excellent time, hope everyone else did!!

  5. Caroline Rendall says:

    I was really inspired by Tim’s session with my year 6 children. They were motivated and excited by his clever use of ICT. I will be trying to use some of his ideas in my own teaching.

  6. Leshay Northridge says:

    Hi It Was Ausome Thankyou For Coming!! I Really Enjoyed It!!?!!

  7. daniel says:

    thank you for coming please come a again i liked your flute

  8. scott says:

    thank you for coming i really enjoyed your vist and by the way i like your flute

  9. Cameron Alvey says:

    Thanks so much for coming, i really enjoyed it!
    I will never forget the Simili and metaphore thing we did!
    really loved it!

  10. Angel says:

    I really enjoyed the lesson!

  11. megan says:

    I realy enjoyed your lesson because it was fun

  12. sheridan jolly says:

    I enjoyed your session so give you a ripple

  13. cameron barke says:

    i liked the rollacoster and you can have a ripple

  14. jordan says:


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