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Useful Pickie 149BETT this week, and, in some ways, the highlight of our year.

Sarah and I are busy folks, popping up here and there through the week.

Floella BenjaminI am doing 4 presentations about The National Schools Film and Animation Awards at the BLI stand (C50) (Wednesday 13:55 Thursday 11:35 Friday 12:45 Saturday 12:10)

I am then off to present at an Apple event on Thursday afternoon.

Also taking part in the BESA Keynote – ‘Breaking the Bonds of Learning’ 12:30-13:30 on Wednesday.

Myself,  Professor Angela McFarlane, Professor Stephen Heppell and Max Wainewright from 2Simple, will be resonding to a question raised by Merlin John: “If you think of education as an obstacle course that takes out an unacceptably high percentage of learners from every generation, which obstacles should be removed so that everyone gets a good run at learning”?

Look out for Sarah on the Mimio stand throughout the show.

The other main highlights, for us, are the eagerly anticipated “teacher-led” happenings:

Useful Pickie 147Wednesday 13th January 2010 – TedX Orenda (Independently organised TED event)

An interesting and diverse collection of speakers.

Useful Pickie 150Thursday 14th January 2010 – AmpEd (Amplified event)

The chance to engage in some contentious discussion.

Useful Pickie 145Friday 15th January 2010 – TeachMeet

Teachmeet promises to be a huge event this year. See you there?

Useful Pickie 146Throughout the week there is also the chance to share inspiration from many visionary teachers during TeachMeet Takeover.
Well done to all of those beavering away in the background to make these special events.

Give me a call (on 07798890475) if you fancy a natter or a coffee break to slow down this gloriously hectic flurry. 🙂

All this, AND the 2Simple Party… see you there?

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