Beaver Green School, Kent: Day 2

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Beaver G y2Day Two and what a delight! We had the pleasure of working with over 200 Beaver Green pupils, and their teachers. The day started with a very mature set of Year 4 pupils, more than 70 of them, in the hall, where they shared their ideas with confidence and skill as we explored a virtual world in Myst IV:Revelation. This was followed by the Year 5 classes exploring the upturned ship in Myst IV, again demonstrating high levels of  good behaviour, respect for each other and keenness to extend themselves – well done!

To find out what happened…

Beaver G Y5 023In the afternoon, we were joined by the two Year 2 classes and there were further opportunities to develop speaking, listening and writing skills, this time exploring Myst III landscapes.

These young pupils are a credit to themselves and their teachers. THANK YOU!

The headteacher, Andrew Macey, and deputyhead, Diane Moore kindly shared their observations and reflections on today’s lessons:

While being apart of the lesson with over 73 Y4’s, I particularly delighted in how Tim modelled ‘dripping ideas in’. This was picked up beautifully by the pupils, voices contributing from the four corners of our hall. As a staff, we try not to, and pride ourselves in not pre-judging our pupils’ limits, and know we always strive to encourage and expect, but the surprise and joy when the most “unlikely” child shined in this lesson, volunteering ideas and reading out his writing, was an amazing feeling. The opportunity to watch Tim teach was so valuable for all. To see someone using so many skills working with children, to explore ideas, rather than just delivering curriculum.

Children need to let go – once they realised there was no wrong answer they begin to freewheel and draw on their imagination. Tim used ‘an empty coffee cup’ as a cue to the pupils to extend their ideas, developing them further, giving confidence to ‘waffle’ on for a time. Similes and metaphors were explored and reflected upon. ‘Nicking’ ideas from each other was encouraged, making the ideas into their own. Good practice shared in the use of commas but most importantly for me, was the MODELLING of language. Drama also used to further model and explore language. The experience was so absorbing and engaging that there was a definite groan at the announcement that the lesson was ended and it was playtime.

•    rehearse, speak, speak, speak – vocabulary has to come first
•    no wrong answer
•    paraphrase and repeat back
•    give space and time (coffee cup)
•    encourage imagination
•    humour/bizarre- CAPTORE them
•    slow down – quality not quantity
•    to create atmosphere

Thank you for those thoughts, and for a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

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  1. SANDY STOKES says:

    Thank you for a really inspiring day.

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for the brilliant training day on 18th January. It was great to see the potential which this use of Myst can release in the children and to have the chance to get ‘hands on’ with the package ourselves..Only wish I could have seen our Year 3 children experiencing it themselves I can’t wait until we start working with it in the classroom!

    Many thanks

  3. Claire Beyzade says:

    Dear Mr.Rylands and Sarah,

    We are class 5CB at Beaver Green School. We are writing to say thank you for coming in and teaching us how to have some fun whilst learning.

    Here are some of the things our class said:

    “Dear Mr.Rylands and Sarah, I was wondering will we ever see you again. I don’t have a favourite part because it was all GORGEOUS!!”

    “Dear Mr. Rylands, I learnt not to be shy and just drip in my ideas, so thank you. My best bit was when we went for a walk.

    “To Mr .Rylands and Sarah, Thank you for coming in, I loved it. My favourite part was when you introduced Mr. Walker.”

    “Dear Mr.Rylands, Thank you for teaching us a fun way of learning.”

    “Thank you for coming in Mr. Rylands and Sarah. I loved the adventure.”

    “My favourite part was when we explored.”

    “My favourite part of your visit was when you said METAPHOR AND SIMILIE in a posh way.”

    We hope we will see you again soon.

    From 5CB

    PS: please read this in a posh voice.

  4. Bethany says:

    Dear Mr. Rylands
    Thank you for visitng Beaver Green Comunity Primary School. We all had such fun and when I say that I know I speak for everyone. we all enjoyed the day very much, it was lots of fun!
    Thank you to sarah as well.
    from Bethany Yr 5

  5. blog says:

    Thank you Bethany, for your very kind, and encouraging, comment. Well done for thinking through what you wrote 😉

  6. Megan Smith says:

    Awww, you came to my school and my school is BeaverGreen!! Thanks

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