South Avenue Junior School, Sittingbourne, Kent

| January 27, 2010 | 6 Comments 
Today, we were lucky enough to work alongside staff and children at South Avenue Junior School, Sittingbourne in Kent. The morning focused on demonstration lessons exploring speaking and listening activities, writing, drama and so much more, using, this time, the beautifully detailed landscapes of the Myst computer game Revelation.

The afternoon was spent working with key staff, reflecting on the mornings lessons, then exploring Web2 tools, ‘hands on’ with these little gems, multimodal writing frames and so much more. We almost aim to do TOO many things, and the lovely description of todayfrom one colleague was “Happily, buzzingly, FULL”

This was all topped off by a twilight session with all the staff. Thank you to Carol Isaac, Literacy and Creativity Leader,  Jamie Broad, Assistant Headteacher, Headteacher Rachel Egan, for inviting us to their school to work with their pupils and colleagues, and for their infectious enthusiasm.

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  1. NH says:

    Watching Tim with our children was very interesting – it took a while to get them to express themselves, but once they got into it, their writing was very good and we hope that this inspiration continues in their future work. We are looking forward to using Myst.

  2. Natalie Stickens says:

    I found the myst games very inspiring and look forward to the opportunity to use them in class.

  3. helen says:

    The after school session which I attended was highly entertaining and it was nice to see a teacher with such enthusiasm.The resource looked useful and I promise to play my first ever computer game soon.

  4. Kathryn says:

    An inspiring day! The children were enthused to write and thoroughly enjoyed the activities. I am looking forward to using Myst in the classroom.

  5. South Avenue Junior School says:

    An ispiring day with Tim being the inspiration. I hope that I can use the disks to capture the interest of some very reluctant writers (particularly boys!)Thanks for the ideas.

  6. Gemma Rivers says:

    This was a fantastic experience.
    I was fascinated and captivated by Myst and Tim.

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