Whissendine C.E.Primary School, Rutland

| January 28, 2010 | 1 Comment 

The first of a six day long project working alongside the children and staff of Whissendine C.E.Primary School, Rutland.

This is different for us in a couple of ways:

1) it is organised in coordination with The Mighty Creatives, and Creative Partnerships.

2) it is the first such event, for us, that has been launched by the auspicious element of an Ofsted inspection too!! (The school got “the call” on Monday, and are bravely striding ahead with our partnership, despite “the visit”).

This promises to be an exciting new project. It is always fun to do new, and exploratory ventures. We are excited to be developing some new ways of working.

After an initial day, working across the age range of the school, we are going to work, for four further days, with the pupils from one year group.
Our aim is to bring their village, “Tottleville” alive, and to throw in a few challenges that will involve some creative thinking and problem solving.

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  1. Emma Houlton says:

    What an incredibly motivating afternoon. I watched, entraced, as Tim worked his magic in a Year 6 class! Thank you for allowing me to take part, and I hope you don’t mind if I pinch one or two of your ideas too!

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